Sunday, April 27, 2014


It has been waaaay too long since I wrote all of my captivating and moving words down on this blog.  I'm sure the two people that read it have been holding their breath, waiting patiently as I got my act together.  All jokes, obviously!  The truth is the last six months have been so hard and trying I found no motivation to type a single word about it.  I was in hibernation.  

We moved into my parents house early October, I found out we were pregnant and we had a two year old that we had to share a room with.  I was sicker than sick, we didn't have a home and Quinne was a terrible two year old.  Or should I say she was a really good one?  After almost five months living in my parents home we moved into the fixer-upper we bought.  (At that point anything would be better than living with my parents.  Im grateful for them opening up their home to us, but it was a bad situation to be in for me.)

So now we are living in a consturction zone, no kitchen no living room and one tiny bathroom.  Its crazy town over here!  I'm truly impressed with myself and the fact that I haven't ended up in a hospital full of pregnancy safe meds.  It has been so difficult and challenging for all of us.  David and I rarely get time alone which is really really hard for me.  And poor Quinne lives with drywall dust and nails surrounding her at all times.  Thank goodness she in a resiliant little person and hopefully will never remember how crazy her mommy was during all this!

The other night David asked if I was excited to have life go back to normal so I could do the things I love like blogging.  I thought about all the things I'm excited for.  Not eating every meal with the microwave involved, and having a couch to veg out on while my body expands in every direction.  And, ya I missed blogging!  But I don't need a clean and put together house to do that.  I was happy he brought it up because I have missed sharing what's going on in our lives to the tiny handful of readers.  Writing is fun for me and I want to remember this time.  Even though it's been hellish.

Hello internet world!  I'm back(?)