Monday, July 30, 2012

a lifelong friend

After work on Saturday we headed up to Scotts Valley to spend the night with some dear friends.  We have been wanting to visit Jill and Nate for so long now and finally the stars aligned and it happened!  I'm so happy that it worked out even though it was the worlds shortest visit.  

Jill and I grew up together and almost every memory I have of my girlhood in Atascadero she is in it.  When my family moved from Long Beach to Atascadero I was a super shy first grader so sad to not have any friends.  Jill was asked to show me around on my first day at a new school and I guess you could say the rest is history.  We became instant friends.

We each had a modest Barbie collection but when we combined the two we had every little girls dreams coming true on the bedroom floor.  Horse and trailer, jeep and convertible, and so so many outfits Barbies' head was spinning.  A few years later we moved on to American Girl Dolls and both got Kirstin.  Once again our collections completed each others perfectly.  Moving on from dolls we entered Jr. High and High School total dorks.  Not that we had any clue, I think that all kids in the 90s were dorks.  With our super baggy jeans and Simple shoes there was no escape.  It's not like Target or Urban Outfitters was around to help us look cool.  Thank God I had Jill to make it through these years.  If she wasn't in first period P.E. with me I might not be here writing this blog.  I would be dead.  Seriously!  It's not my fault I can't dive off the side of the damn pool with my knees not bending.  She was the only one who understood the difficulty of that small task.  And when we had sleep overs neither of us were ever brave enough to make prank calls to cute boys from school.  After High School she went off to Sonoma State and I stayed here to be lame for about the next four years.  But we never lost touch.  We never stopped talking and seeing each other.  We had different lives for so long but remained good friends.  

Now we have the same life.  New moms trying to make it through some of the hardest things we've ever been through.  Learning that mistakes happen and nobody is perfect.  And that no one way is the right way.  I've had so many struggles becoming a mom.  I've thought horrible scary things and have felt so bad about them.  I've wanted to run away and punch the wall all in the same moment.  Jill totally understands.  She makes me feel better about myself and reassures me that what I'm going through is normal.  It's refreshing because I feel that so many moms aren't that honest about motherhood.  There's no shame in admitting the hardship that comes with having a tiny human being.   I'm so grateful to her.   I truly have gained so much wisdom and reassurance from my friend.   I can only hope and pray that Quinne ends up with a friend like Jill.

Quinne and Nora had so much fun together.  And so did our crazy ass dogs.  Three little hyper dogs equal so much noise!!  From the moment we walked into their home it was pure chaos.  But it was so perfect and I wouldn't want it any other way.  I love making new memories that will be with us for a lifetime.  I can't wait to watch our families grow and become closer over the years.  Family camping trips are in order I do believe!   Once again, sorry for the bad pictures.  

First time in a pool!  She wasn't impressed.

watching dad swim

babies sharing popsicles.  I'm can't handle this cuteness!!

sweet baby Nora

she need some company

Happiest of Mondays


Thursday, July 26, 2012

augie and lola

My friend Krista over at augie and lola is having a giveaway on her blog!  Woo Hoo!!  You should hop on over and enter in.  Her shop is filled with wonderfully crafted baby bibs, and blankets and paci clips oh my!  I'm in love with her blankets.  I seriously want one of each for myself.  I would have David pile them all on me to make one massive, comfy blanket while I read my books.  Or maybe I'll hire her to make me one gigantic blanket.  That makes more sense.  But not quite as fun if you ask me.  

So, do yourself a favor and go see for yourself!  They are the perfect baby shower gift or just a little something special for your little ones.  And she has some adorable Christmas items too!  It's never too early to shop for Christmas.  

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

guilty as charged

I don't have too many guilty pleasures in life.  They mostly revolve around food, and really I don't feel too guilty about them.  I always end up eating whatever it is.  I'm talking t.v.  I don't watch that much television and when I do it's the news (boring right?) or one of our shows on Netflix.  And right now I can't get enough of How I Met Your Mother.  It's good and I highly recommend it.  But my ultimate pleasure is the Bachelorette.  I know, I know!!  How can a two people fall in love in just six weeks with cameras and twenty other people 'competing' for the same person, all while flying around some tropical island in a helicopter?  I don't really think you can, but I love watching it all happen in a two hour episode every Monday night.  I'm sick because I equally love seeing the promising relationship fall apart on US weekly magazines at the grocery store.  But I can't be stopped.  And David even watches it with me and makes crazy over the top statements about all the guys.  It's so good!  

So, if you are watching then you know all about Jef.  Oh dear sweet Jef, if I was single I'd be in Utah hunting you down.  I'm getting so nervous about the finale that is going to happen on Sunday.  My girlfriends and I are going to be yelling at the telly, no doubt with our mouths full of junk food.  It will be delightful!  So in honor of the finale and Bachelorette fans(?) everywhere I thought I'd share this with you.  She's just so cute.  

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

happy friday

I hope everyone is ready for a fun weekend!  Quinne will be here willing herself to walk and I will be biting off my fingernails.  Cheers! 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

to be happy

At lunch today I ran into a guy from high school.  I try to avoid these encounters because I usually can't remember their name, or I have nothing to say.  I'm a turd I suppose.  But today he was our waiter.  Of course.  We made it through the lunch fine and he even tried to make Quinne smile, with no success.  She was too busy yelling at us to feed her more bananas.  During the time of our service we talked small talk about our lives and future plans.  He really wants to get out of San Luis and I plan on staying here forever.  My far in the future grandbabies will visit me here.  I told him adventures are fun, but calling this place home is really something special.  I mean we live where so many people vacation and dream of living.  His response: "I don't want to end up here living a 'fake happy' life" 

Well, damn.  How do you respond to something like that?  I wanted to remind him that he's almost thirty and he'll probably be a waiter here in miserable old San Luis Obispo forever.  But, I didn't!  I laughed and said he was crazy.  You can be anywhere and not be happy.  And you can be anywhere and be perfectly happy.  It's all what you make of it.  I told him that we were so fortunate to be here, and things could be a lot worse.  A lot worse.  Have you ever watched the news, dear cynical boy from high school?  We have it good.  To be honest I felt silly and inadequate to answer his question.  I'm just some mom who lives where she grew up and probably doesn't have much to offer in intellectual conversations about life.  That's how I felt.  

We drove around to let Quinne sleep.  As we were driving I kept thinking about what he said.  A 'fake happy' life.  What was he implying?  That staying here, having babies and just being was fake happy.  Or saying it's so beautiful and quaint is pretending that we are all happy.  As I though about my own life I have to admit that I am happy.  The real deal happy. I have been given so many wonderful people in my life and for that I am so happy.  I get to do what I love for a career and for that I am happy.  I married a really great guy and have a healthy baby and for that I am happy.  I go through a lot of ups and downs but in the end happiness is on my side.  Perfection is something I'm letting go of and seeing the beauty of life with all its good and bad.  I believe that is true happiness.  Being able to appreciate what gifts you've been given no matter what life throws at you. 

We ended up in Montana de Oro.  It is a magical place.  Endless beaches, beautiful old trees and the smell of fresh air.  It was the perfect place to be after having so many thoughts on life.  I was reminded of the beauty in life with David and Quinne by my side.  It was a perfect day.  And of course I forgot the camera.  So iPhone pictures it is.

I hope you can take a minute to remember what makes you happy!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

ghost town

These last few weeks have been so crazy over here.  When things get wild I tend to turn into a recluse.  Odd isn't it?  That's just what happens.  So let me fill you in on what we've been up to shall I..

I have moved to a new salon.  It's so exciting and scary all at the same time.  You see I am not one for change.  I'm a creature of habit and get supper overwhelmed with change in my life.  Having a baby has helped me accept change faster than I used to, obviously because things change like every four minutes after you have a baby.  Although I try to relax and let life happen I like to control as much around me as possible.  Bad habit, I know and am working on that.  I found myself not looking forward to going to work.  Which is not like me at all.  I love my job.  Working with clients and making them feel pretty is the most rewarding thing.  And I get to be creative, make my own schedule, and dress how I like.  Pretty great right!  I was working at a salon that I had been at for years and the thought of leaving was heart wrenching.  Things were happening that I wasn't on board with and I never felt like I had a voice working there.  And I believe that if you aren't happy with something in your life you have the power to fix it.  Wether it's an attitude change or in my case, moving on.  And that's just what I did.  I took a job offer at a really cute salon that is all organic and natural.  Right up my alley.  I'm proud of myself for making this decision for myself and for my family.  David was so supportive and encouraging.  He's proud of me too.  I'm becoming braver and more confident everyday, and I think I have Quinne to thank for that.  

And, David recently got a promotion at work!  He works him bum off and it's about time.  David is such a hard worker and wants to support Quinne and me, and for that I am so grateful.  With this promotion the only downside is that he will be traveling out of town more than ever.  Something that, surprisingly, I've come to deal with.  No more calling right at five to make sure he is off and headed home, and no more pouting about being home by myself at night.  Well, I've mostly stopped all that.  I'm really proud of him and so thankful that our family is being taken care of.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I'm deeply humbled by the fact that we can pay our mortgage each month and have groceries in our pantry.  

So to celebrate we went to dinner.  It was fun and well deserved!  


on Sunday we went out to Edna Valley Winery to celebrate our friends birthday.  It was the most beautiful day to celebrate a birthday.  Wearing the same tee from the night before, of course.  

Happy weekend friends!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

9 month update

How can it be that in three short months you will be a one year old?  It is way too much for me to handle!!  I am enjoying everyday with you and cannot get enough of your kissable cheeks and chubby legs.  Each day I have more and more love for you.  I don't know how I will be able to love you more tomorrow than I do at this moment, but sure enough I will and my heart will be happier than it ever has been.  You are so funny Quinne and constantly make me laugh.  We have a very vocal little lady over here.  You are a growler.  And a yeller.  Sometimes you yell-growl and it truly is the greatest thing.  A funny story I have to tell so that I never forget.

Yesterday we were at the grocery store looking for some fresh salmon.  I was carrying you in my arms and looking at all the fish.  We decided to wait in line and talk to the fish expert behind the counter.  Turns out he was not an expert and sold us fish with the bones still in, yuk!  Anyways, we were in line behind a young boy, about 13 and his mom.  I guess I was pretty close behind the boy because you let out a yell-growl that startled even me.  The poor boy visibly jumped and let out a yell himself.  It was so funny I was barley able to explain to the little guy that you were just really silly and yelled a lot.  David and I were DYING!!  I will never forget that kids face when he turned around and saw you laughing back at him.  And his mom also found it quite funny that this little baby scared her jr. high boy.  Just an example of how cool you are.  Hopefully I will figure out how to upload a video of this noise.

Other than being just silly and adorable you have come so close to crawling.  I get so excited watching you rock on your little knees not knowing where to go from there.  I probably should be scared because once you learn to crawl it's all over.  Traces of you will be all over the house and I'll have to finally put my shoes where they belong.  In the bedroom.  Also, I might get rid of the coffee table.  It seems to be a giant disaster around these parts.  

I pray that I will take in everyday I am given with you.  Not to take for granted these moments.  Not to be wishing for a night of full sleep (don't get me wrong I wish for this everyday).  Because that means you are big and I can't take that yet. Thank you for teaching me things I didn't know I needed to be taught.  

I love you Quinne
Your mama

Friday, July 6, 2012

land of the free

I'm very grateful to live in a country that gives me the freedom to eat hotdogs, listen to the 4th of July station on Pandora and hang out with some of the best friends a girl could ask for.  I forget on a daily basis how incredibly lucky we are to have the things we have.  Not just the materialistic things, but the fact that we get to make our own decisions and live our lives the way we want to.  It's crazy to me that people don't have those same rights and freedoms.  We're so blessed.  

So to celebrate our country we did what most Americans were doing, eating junk food and hanging out with good friends.  And it was just perfect!  There were s'mores and fireworks and a bunch of really cute kiddos having a blast.  What more could you ask for?  

so excited!

oh them!

the best hair

I spy a Theo

August and his mallows 

Their future kids are going to be so dang cute! haha Jesse!!


brave boys

moms being moms