Monday, July 2, 2012


We have been lucky around here with the beautiful weather we've been having.  Normally summertime means poopy weather and lots of fog.  But for the past few weeks we have had sunshine and perfect evenings.  So, obviously I'm taking advantage and eating dinners on the deck and drinking cold beer in the fading sun.  Perfection.  

I made some sweet potato and white bean burgers and a yummy watermelon salad the other night.  I used white beans instead of black eyed peas, because that's what I had in the pantry, and added a pinch on cinnamon.  They were yummy and a little messy.  Well, a lot messy.  I decided since I was starving to make them into regular(giant) sized burgers instead of sliders.  Big mistake.  They did not hold up under pressure and therefore we ended up eating most of it with a fork.  Sad.  I really should just stick with baking.  At least they were so very tasty!  

Watermelon salad is one of the most refreshing things around.  That and a peach martini. 

watermelon salad:
watermelon sliced into bite sized chunks 
fresh mint coarsely chopped 
very thinly sliced red onion
sheep milk feta cheese 
squeeze of fresh lemon
just mix ingredients together and use as much or as little of each as you would like.  So easy it's nuts!  I used lemon balm mint and it added an extra lemon-y ness to it.  I recommend keeping the melon in the fridge to stay cold, and mix all the elements just before serving.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Oh and Quinney is eating sweet potato and quinoa.  She loved it.  Until the end.  


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  1. There is nothing better than eating a home cooked meal outside on these beautiful summer days! You eat the best food, it makes me hungry when I read your blog! :)