Thursday, July 26, 2012

augie and lola

My friend Krista over at augie and lola is having a giveaway on her blog!  Woo Hoo!!  You should hop on over and enter in.  Her shop is filled with wonderfully crafted baby bibs, and blankets and paci clips oh my!  I'm in love with her blankets.  I seriously want one of each for myself.  I would have David pile them all on me to make one massive, comfy blanket while I read my books.  Or maybe I'll hire her to make me one gigantic blanket.  That makes more sense.  But not quite as fun if you ask me.  

So, do yourself a favor and go see for yourself!  They are the perfect baby shower gift or just a little something special for your little ones.  And she has some adorable Christmas items too!  It's never too early to shop for Christmas.  

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!  

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