Monday, July 30, 2012

a lifelong friend

After work on Saturday we headed up to Scotts Valley to spend the night with some dear friends.  We have been wanting to visit Jill and Nate for so long now and finally the stars aligned and it happened!  I'm so happy that it worked out even though it was the worlds shortest visit.  

Jill and I grew up together and almost every memory I have of my girlhood in Atascadero she is in it.  When my family moved from Long Beach to Atascadero I was a super shy first grader so sad to not have any friends.  Jill was asked to show me around on my first day at a new school and I guess you could say the rest is history.  We became instant friends.

We each had a modest Barbie collection but when we combined the two we had every little girls dreams coming true on the bedroom floor.  Horse and trailer, jeep and convertible, and so so many outfits Barbies' head was spinning.  A few years later we moved on to American Girl Dolls and both got Kirstin.  Once again our collections completed each others perfectly.  Moving on from dolls we entered Jr. High and High School total dorks.  Not that we had any clue, I think that all kids in the 90s were dorks.  With our super baggy jeans and Simple shoes there was no escape.  It's not like Target or Urban Outfitters was around to help us look cool.  Thank God I had Jill to make it through these years.  If she wasn't in first period P.E. with me I might not be here writing this blog.  I would be dead.  Seriously!  It's not my fault I can't dive off the side of the damn pool with my knees not bending.  She was the only one who understood the difficulty of that small task.  And when we had sleep overs neither of us were ever brave enough to make prank calls to cute boys from school.  After High School she went off to Sonoma State and I stayed here to be lame for about the next four years.  But we never lost touch.  We never stopped talking and seeing each other.  We had different lives for so long but remained good friends.  

Now we have the same life.  New moms trying to make it through some of the hardest things we've ever been through.  Learning that mistakes happen and nobody is perfect.  And that no one way is the right way.  I've had so many struggles becoming a mom.  I've thought horrible scary things and have felt so bad about them.  I've wanted to run away and punch the wall all in the same moment.  Jill totally understands.  She makes me feel better about myself and reassures me that what I'm going through is normal.  It's refreshing because I feel that so many moms aren't that honest about motherhood.  There's no shame in admitting the hardship that comes with having a tiny human being.   I'm so grateful to her.   I truly have gained so much wisdom and reassurance from my friend.   I can only hope and pray that Quinne ends up with a friend like Jill.

Quinne and Nora had so much fun together.  And so did our crazy ass dogs.  Three little hyper dogs equal so much noise!!  From the moment we walked into their home it was pure chaos.  But it was so perfect and I wouldn't want it any other way.  I love making new memories that will be with us for a lifetime.  I can't wait to watch our families grow and become closer over the years.  Family camping trips are in order I do believe!   Once again, sorry for the bad pictures.  

First time in a pool!  She wasn't impressed.

watching dad swim

babies sharing popsicles.  I'm can't handle this cuteness!!

sweet baby Nora

she need some company

Happiest of Mondays


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