Wednesday, May 29, 2013

somersaults belong in my past

Time and time again I'm reminded that I'm not the limber, flexible person I once was.  Sometimes it makes me sad feeling old and incapable, other times I could care less and go about my day unaffected.  The moments that hurt my ego as well as my body always seem to revolve around trying to impress Quinne.  Showing her how cool mom is and in return helping her do the same thing I just did.  This particular case ended up with me writhing in pain and cussing like a sailor.  

By the end of the day I sometimes run out of cool and fun things to do for Quinne.  I'm tired of reading the alphabet book and singing the wheel on the bus to her.  So I decided a lesson in gymnastics would buy us some time before dinner and bath so I took it upon myself to set up a miniature obstacle course in the living room and teach her some good life lessons.  Such as somersaults and hoop jumping and ball tossing.  Unfortunatly we made it to our first stop which was the somersault and it ended there.  My back spasmed in the middle of what I thought was perfect form and I was left laying on the ground ready to barf at the slightest move.  Thank goodness for some deep breaths and the will power to roll myself to the phone and dial my sister.  You see David was out of town and so was my mom, as luck would have it.  Monique was able to come down and save the day.  She bathed Quinne, put her to bed, put me to bed and we all hoped I would be better by morning.

But, of course I was worse off and my sister basically forced me to go to the hospital.  I hobbled my way into the waiting room apologizing to the nurses for looking like a homeless person and having bad breath.  Once they got me set up in a gown (which we all know is a gigantic sheet with a flimsy tie around the neck that would fit an elephant) and pumped me with pain pills David appeared out of nowhere and I broke down crying.  Seeing him there made me so happy and relieved.  I knew I'd be ok once I saw him there.  It's so cheesy I know, but really I was beyond happy!

To make this ridiculous story end at some point I should say that somersaults are not for everyone.  In my opinion gymnastics is highly overrated.  I pulled all my major muscles in my middle back around my spine and ribs.  Causing extreme pain to laugh, cough and take deep breaths.  Super cool.  It will take weeks to recover and I'm so disappointed in the thought of being in this pain for so long.  One of the greatest gifts in life is our health.  Actually, I think it is the greatest gift.  We can accumulate things that make us think we're happy.  We could get a high paying job and things we want come easily to us, but the one thing we can't buy is our health.  It's the most precious gift in life to receive and in moments when I'm bound to the bed, unable to wash my own hair I'm reminded of that precious gift.  And it's something I hope to never take for granted.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

21/ 52

"a portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2013"

A very unfortunate thing happened to me on Friday.  Trying to be a cool and hip mom I attempted a somersault that went horribly wrong.  There's more of that to come.  But this guy has been taking care of me like any good, kind nurse would do.  I'm so happy he's willing to watch poo t.v. with me while I whine in bed.  
I love you Nurse David.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

20/ 52

"a portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2013"

This made me laugh.  It still does.  Only a weirdo would feed goats from their own mouths!  He's the best.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mothers day

I'm happy to say my second mothers day was a big success!  Last year was not that great and I'm happy we get second shots in life to redeem the ones that left you feeling down.  The day was casual and easy, simple and stress free.  I am notorious for my high expectations, which normally leave me in a hot mess of sorts, but this year I was a new person.  All I wanted was to eat, hangout and watch Quinne have fun in the sun.  And I got just that.  Plus some flowers and a new pair of kicks.  What a day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

19/ 52

"a portrait of my husband each week, every week in 2013"

David has been gone all week and I'm so happy he's back.  Seriously, life is so much better with him around.  I miss talking to him at the end of the day, I miss sitting with him on the couch, glass of wine in hand.  All things I grow so used to getting at the end of most days.  Things that seem pointless and unimportant have become my favorite parts about this life.  I love normalcy and simplicity.  Our lives are not wild and crazy, quite the opposite in fact, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Minnesota, part two

I broke this trip up into two because who wants to read a novel and look through a ton of pictures all at once.  And since we take too many pictures, and I have a lot to say, two seems appropriate.  Basically our trip was lazy and cozy.  After visiting lakes and stores we got to make a trip to Jamie's dads house which is on Lake Minnetonka.  It was amazing!  His house is beyond beautiful and the views were even more beautiful.  We got to meet their close friends and drink margaritas all in the warm sunshine.  It was a perfect evening.  We got to visit the Como Zoo, and see lions and polar bears and a seal training for his big show in May.  So much fun!  Quinne and Jesse had a blast.  It's so much fun watching your kids get excited to experience new and exciting things.  I loved watching Quinne laugh at the giraffes and tiny monkeys with long mustaches.

We had a great time.  It was sad knowing that our time there was so short and all too soon we would be heading back onto a plane to come home.  It's unfair to have such good friends live so far away.  But a great reason to take a mini vacation and see some new sights.  I loved Minnesota.  I really loved it actually.  I was pleasantly surprised and wish I could've spent more time exploring the old quaint neighborhoods.  One day I'd love to return, that is if they are still living there!, and see more.  One day when Quinne is older.  Much older!

Minnesota, we love you!!