Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Minnesota, part two

I broke this trip up into two because who wants to read a novel and look through a ton of pictures all at once.  And since we take too many pictures, and I have a lot to say, two seems appropriate.  Basically our trip was lazy and cozy.  After visiting lakes and stores we got to make a trip to Jamie's dads house which is on Lake Minnetonka.  It was amazing!  His house is beyond beautiful and the views were even more beautiful.  We got to meet their close friends and drink margaritas all in the warm sunshine.  It was a perfect evening.  We got to visit the Como Zoo, and see lions and polar bears and a seal training for his big show in May.  So much fun!  Quinne and Jesse had a blast.  It's so much fun watching your kids get excited to experience new and exciting things.  I loved watching Quinne laugh at the giraffes and tiny monkeys with long mustaches.

We had a great time.  It was sad knowing that our time there was so short and all too soon we would be heading back onto a plane to come home.  It's unfair to have such good friends live so far away.  But a great reason to take a mini vacation and see some new sights.  I loved Minnesota.  I really loved it actually.  I was pleasantly surprised and wish I could've spent more time exploring the old quaint neighborhoods.  One day I'd love to return, that is if they are still living there!, and see more.  One day when Quinne is older.  Much older!

Minnesota, we love you!!

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