Thursday, August 30, 2012

barnyard fun

Summer days are still here and we are taking advantage of the late afternoon sun.  Yesterday we visited the Avila Valley Barn to show Quinne the animals, and get a treat for mom and dad.  She was more interested in people watching and I can't blame her.  Tourists from all over come to the barn to feed the animals and eat corn on the cob while their kids run wild and unsupervised.  So annoying.  I truly do not understand why parents blackout and forget that they came with three children who won't stop screaming and bugging everyone around them.  Oh, I answered my own question.  I too would blackout if I had unruly turd-ish children.

I know I'm the queen of saying "I'll never do that." and whatnots of new mommyhood.  But I promise I won't let Quinne run around and bug the day lights out of everyone trying to enjoy themselves.  I promise.  

please never stop making this face!
Quinne was not so sure 

never lets me kiss her 

I hope this week is a good one!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Marge

At 6:27 this evening a ding dong rang through the house.  I was startled because who the heck comes and rings our door bell that late in the night.  It's not late at all I know.  When I opened it a sweet elderly woman dressed in a cheery purple sweater was smiling back at me.  Let's back up a bit...

Quinne has been teething pretty bad this week.  Today has been a bad day.  A day that had me checking the clock every ten minutes hoping the time would be significantly later than it really was.  I'm so pooped out and the day was pressing down on me in a physical way.  It was 5:58 when I looked at the clock after setting Quinne in her highchair for dinner.  At the exact moment I looked out the window and saw an elderly woman holding onto our fence and looking around confused.  I thought I should go out and make sure she was ok.  Or ask her if she needed help.  I was abruptly pulled from my thoughts with a scream of starvation.  Well, not starvation but it was dramatic and I rushed to her with sweet potatoes in hand.  Just like that I forgot about my little old lady in purple.  But not for long.  

It's 6:27 and we're getting ready to head to the bathroom for Quinnes bath, and the door bell is ringing.  I was startled to see the same woman that was holding onto the fence standing in front of me.  How long had that been?  What the heck is going on??  She started to tell me that she was lost and didn't know where she lived.  Instantly my heart went out to her.  What a scary, lonely feeling to be lost.  As I ushered her into the house and swatted the dogs off of her, I heard her say she'd been sitting the our car, wondering what to do.  What the what?  She was sitting in our car.  We never leave our cars unlocked, but it must have been fate that I would not lock it tonight.  She needed a place to sit down and catch her breath, and my car happened to be the car she chose to sit in.  And I'm happy it was mine she chose.  Because you see, our neighbors aren't that friendly and probably would've thrown her back on the street.  She came in and sat on the couch while I asked her a bunch of questions.  Quinne entertained her with her cute babble and showed her all her books we were just reading on the floor.  The only thing that seemed to make sense was to get in the car and drive around until something looked familiar.  But of course nothing looked familiar.  She had alzheimers and didn't really know what was going on.  But she sure was a funny lady.  She called herself a dingbat and crazy old lady more than a few times, and we had a few laughs about our wild goose chase.  She was so sweet and I was happy to help her out.  I wanted to figure this out possibly more than she did at this point!  It was getting dark and Quinne had fallen asleep, and we weren't any closer than when we first began.

I stared to get worried.  From the darkening sky and the weird stuff Marge was saying.  I asked her question after question about where she lived, what she was doing, was she in a safe place, was she scared, did someone do something to her.  I was a detective.  A broken record that was starting to get frustrated and scared.  My mind went to the scary part where you imagine the worst possible scenario.  So I called David.  He told me to go to the police.  They would handle it from here.  I was hesitant.  What if they couldn't figure out where she lived.  I imagined her in a cell waiting for answers and I couldn't bare it.  We pulled over and I asked her if she was ok with me going to the police station, and she said sure.  So that's just what we did.  I locked her and Quinne in the car and ran to the black phone outside the station.  I explained the story to the dispatcher and she told me that Marge was reported missing by her daughter and she had a bad case of alzheimer.  I instantly started crying.  I was so happy for Marge, and relieved someone that loves her was worried for her.  We waited for her daughter in the parking lot and talked about babies and the fog.  When her daughter arrived I got out and explained the story, everyone laughing and hugging.  Her daughter was so grateful, and I cried some more.  

As they drove away I was so confused and happy all at the same time.  What a wild and weird thing to happen tonight.  I met a sweet, dear woman and made her feel comfortable and safe.  I'm so glad that it was my car she sat in.  

So, Quinne if you read this one day I hope you take a few things from it.  Always help out those in need.  Always have a warm and loving heart, because you never know who will need it.  And before you become a private investigator, call the police.  


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

magical creatures

The past few weeks all people around this area seem to be talking about are the whales.  It's all over facebook and instagram.  People posting pictures of these gigantic mouths popping out of the ocean with hundreds of sea gulls diving into the water around them.  These stories were so exciting to hear about.  I had know idea that the hump back whale was migrating south and stopping right outside our backyard.  To eat tasty little fish and cause massive traffic jams all up and down the coast.  Today while I listened to Quinne roll and bounce around in her crib, I realized that nap time wasn't on her agenda for the afternoon.  So when David got home we took a short trip to Avila Beach to see these majestic water beasts.  And of course Quinne fell asleep in the car.  

There were tons of people along the road waiting to get a glimpse, hoping to go home with their own story of the whales. We parked on the side and waited.  Waited right outside our car while Quinney snoozed.  There were ridiculous amounts of seagulls all over.  Some were in the water, some were diving into the water, and what seemed like millions circled above the water.  David would yell out that he saw one and I would desperately search to the spot his finger was pointing to.  But I saw nothing.  This happened so many times I stared to hate the whales.  How dare they not come out long enough for me to see them?!  But then it happened.  And it was pretty cool.  Not life changing but really cool.  I'm sure if we were closer I would've had a religious experience or just been scared out of my mind.   Probably the latter of the two.  

Quinne finally woke up and we walked closer to the ocean and took in all the buzz.  It was a beautiful evening and there were so many people out doing the exact same thing as us.  Admiring nature, taking in all that the ocean has to offer us.  Picture-prefect blues,  slight crisp breeze, the smell of seaweed and wet sand, and of course sea life alive and thriving.  It was another reminder that life is beautiful.  I am very grateful for these small and simple reminders.  

not interested in the great outdoors
this doesn't do the excessive 'bird-ness' justice

I love Quinne here
so many peeps!

I hope you can see the greatness all around you this week..


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

chow mein please

One thing you should know about us.  We eat out far too often.  And it's always at the same places.  With both of us working on Tuesdays and Thursdays who has time to cook?  Well, who really wants to start cooking at seven?  Not us.  One of our favorites is Meis Chinese in Shell Beach.  It looks like you would end up over the toilet after eating at this place, but it's just the opposite.  I swear they have the best tofu chow mein around.  So fresh and delicious I wish I was eating more of it right now.

Tonight Quinne got her first taste.  And she loved it!  Normally when she's into what she's eating she makes 'mmmm' noises after every bite.  It's really quite cute.  Tonights dinner was no exception.  Those noodles couldn't get into her mouth fast enough.  It's so much fun having her eat what we eat, and experience new flavors.  I hope she is adventurous throughout her life with food.  It brings people together and really lets you experience different cultures.  And it would be nice to not have a picky eater.  We shall see...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

a nightmare (of many) comes true

I'm just going to cut to the chase and tell you what I did.  Instead of stringing you along and then dropping a bomb on you in some literary genius.  I locked Quinne in the car last night.

I locked my baby in the car.  Sitting in our driveway after a long and tiring day.  

It was awful to say the least.  For cars passing by it was an odd sight I'm sure, watching some sort of crazy lady press her hands to her car window crying.  Little did they know there was a tiny lady back there crying and reaching out to me.  It was the saddest moment between us so far.  A helpless feeling weighing on me and pure confusion for Quinne.  

It all started at 5:30 that morning.  I had to be at a wedding site at 7:45 in Paso, which is almost an hour away.  So I was up early, pumping, dressing and trying to drink enough coffee to make my eyelids stay in the upward position.  I was so tired I actually forgot to do my hair.  Funny being a hair stylist, but it is true.  My friend I was meeting to work with asked what was going on with it.  Dang.  As soon as I got in the car I realized all my wedding gear was still at the salon and I would have to go into San Luis, and would probably be late.  Off to a great start!  Not to mention I spilt an entire mug full of coffee in our new car about 200 feet from our house.  Good thing I drive with a burp cloth on my lap so the coffee doesn't end up on me.  Once I ended up in Paso it was pure chaos.  There was a sea of bleach blonde girls and nobody was on time for their appointment.  Basically the most annoying situation to be in.  Add bottomless mimosas and you're pretty much in hell.  Once I finished I zoomed back to the salon to start my day with my regular clients.  I was relieved to be back but my relief only lasted about two minutes.  Every client was in an unpleasant mood which only made me more unpleasant.  Basically when I packed up my things and headed to my old coffee reeking car I wanted a bottle of wine with a long straw attached.  

So when six o'clock rolled around and I was faced with a locked car and Quinne inside I had a meltdown.  Panic set in so fast my hands were shaking and my mind started going a million miles an hour.  Who do I call?  Shit my phone is in the car!  Break into the house for the spare key?  We don't have a spare key to the new car! So I ran to our neighbors.  The only thing I could do that was still in close proximity to Quinne, who was locked in the car.  I banged on the door and blurted out as fast as I could that I needed to use their phone ASAP!!  But of course I ran to the neighbors who don't speak English.  I frantically explained with loud horrible Spanish and hand gestures that she was in the car and I needed their telefono.  
side note: isn't it funny that hand motions and a really loud voice makes us feel like our language barrier has been broken?  Well, it hasn't.

It worked only after his seven year old translated to him what I needed and he handed me his cell phone.  I ran to Quinne to see her playing patty cake.  So cute.  But horrible at the same time.  After I tried calling David at work and not getting an answer I called 911.  And my mind was blown into a million pieces.  The lady who answered was rude and told me to calm down about four times in one minute.  She also informed me that Grover Beach police does not break into cars.  So I could try calling a lock smith or AAA.  What the frack?!?!  I screamed at her that my ten month old was in the car with no windows down in the sun.  She was uninterested.  I'm sure there was some Real Housewives marathon happening and I pulled her away from some catty idiot with a glass of white wine sloshing around in her hand.  I went into a full blown panic.  I hung up on her and called David back.  While I listened to the endless ringing I was eyeing a pile of bricks by the side yard.  If it came down to it I would break the damn window myself.  Just as my heart was on its way to exploding David picked up.  I spoke through a waterfall of tears and sobs that he had to come home immediately.  Quinne was trapped and I was going to have a heart attack.  

Thankfully he works close and was there in no time.  I was hysterical when he showed up.  When I pulled Quinne out of the car we were both sobbing.  David rubbed our backs and walked us inside.  I was so sad.  And I was so relieved.  It's weird how your mind goes to the scariest, darkest spot when something happens to you.  Maybe this isn't true for everyone but my mind wanders into a scary territory when I'm faced with these 'challenges'.  The what ifs haunt me for days and make me panic if I dwell for too long.  But everyone was ok.  Quinne instantly forgot.  And I didn't have a heart attack.  From now on I will have that bulky key on me at all times.  I should probably put a lanyard around my neck and wear the key like a prized gem.  

I am sorry Quinney.  So sorry.  


Friday, August 10, 2012

10 month update

growing baby:  20 pounds
                             28 3/4 inches long

- Talking all day long.  We're not really sure as to what you are saying, but you have a lot to say. 
- crawling!! and army crawling
- standing up on your own and walking around the coffee table, couch, bookshelf, dog crate, well basically everywhere you can!
- clapping your hands.  You love patty cake patty.  It's so cute
- you point to the light and fan, and you know the light switch is what turns it on.  Genius!
- you say "woof" when you see the doggies
- the term 'separation anxiety' is in full effect 
- eating more snacks and finger foods
- you love all fruits
- you do not love cheese, corn tortillas, peas, avocado

This has been a really great month.  I love the age you are my sweets.  Everyday I can't wait to go and pick you up out of your crib and kiss your big soft cheeks.  Your dad and I will try and be the first one to open your door in the morning, racing each other out of bed and into the hall.  You are just too cute to miss that first moment of opening the door and seeing you standing there so happy.  It's moments like that I realize how wonderful it is to be a parent.  It's truly the simple things in life that make a person so grateful and utterly happy.  I hope I cling to these moments for the rest of my life.  Remembering how full my heart was.  

Quinne you are quite the baby!  Almost every time we head out of the house someone says you look like the Gerber baby.  If "the Gerber baby" isn't around when you read this, know that it is an adorable, fat, cute baby face.  So it's a compliment in my books.  You are funny and always make people smile.  Even old men that want to ignore you can't help themselves from smiling at you.  Grocery shopping has become quite the scene when you are in tow and it really makes my shopping experience a little brighter.  

You are a perfect little person in my eyes.  I love you so dearly that it hurts at times.  I miss you so much when I am away at work and long to hold you all night long.  When you hold on to me I feel so needed and loved.  You have made my life worth living and I will always be thankful for that.  

oh that sweet face


looking for friends

there they are!





those beans look like they belong to a seventy year old British man

crumb searching

You are on your way to being a one year old!  Please don't get there too fast.  This mommmy of yours is having a hard time with you growing up so fast.

I love you my Quinne

your mama

Monday, August 6, 2012

the zoo

Today Quinne went to the zoo.  Atascadero has a zoo that is small and quaint, and reminds me so much of being a little girl.  I used to take art classes there and walk around painting whatever animal I so desired.  Being reminded of special memories makes me so happy.  And that I get to share them with Quinne now is really special.  Granted she is only (almost) ten months, and has no real idea about what is happening but it gets me so excited for the fun times to come.  Believe me I have enough excitement for the two of us for now!  

Unfortunately today in Atascadero it was 100 degrees.  Which is hell on earth in my opinion.  And all the animals agreed with me today.  All in all I think we saw nine animals out in the heat.  They were hiding in the near distance, playing dead.  I don't blame them.  I wouldn't want to entertain kids in that kind of heat, not with out a sweet treat involved, and we aren't allowed to feed the animals.  But, all in all it was a fantastic little afternoon.  Spent with good friends and super cute kiddos.  Next time we'll make sure it's October before we return.  

 no tiger in sight

 Penelope being too cute

 Theo was not impressed.  I think the heat was to blame


 hot pink sweaty baby

 spying on some snakes

 Fox loved the turtles

Yay for a good day!  Quinne one day you will truly love this place.  I hope.