Tuesday, August 14, 2012

chow mein please

One thing you should know about us.  We eat out far too often.  And it's always at the same places.  With both of us working on Tuesdays and Thursdays who has time to cook?  Well, who really wants to start cooking at seven?  Not us.  One of our favorites is Meis Chinese in Shell Beach.  It looks like you would end up over the toilet after eating at this place, but it's just the opposite.  I swear they have the best tofu chow mein around.  So fresh and delicious I wish I was eating more of it right now.

Tonight Quinne got her first taste.  And she loved it!  Normally when she's into what she's eating she makes 'mmmm' noises after every bite.  It's really quite cute.  Tonights dinner was no exception.  Those noodles couldn't get into her mouth fast enough.  It's so much fun having her eat what we eat, and experience new flavors.  I hope she is adventurous throughout her life with food.  It brings people together and really lets you experience different cultures.  And it would be nice to not have a picky eater.  We shall see...

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  1. Oh my...that first photo is soooo cute. Your baby is so so cute.