Friday, August 10, 2012

10 month update

growing baby:  20 pounds
                             28 3/4 inches long

- Talking all day long.  We're not really sure as to what you are saying, but you have a lot to say. 
- crawling!! and army crawling
- standing up on your own and walking around the coffee table, couch, bookshelf, dog crate, well basically everywhere you can!
- clapping your hands.  You love patty cake patty.  It's so cute
- you point to the light and fan, and you know the light switch is what turns it on.  Genius!
- you say "woof" when you see the doggies
- the term 'separation anxiety' is in full effect 
- eating more snacks and finger foods
- you love all fruits
- you do not love cheese, corn tortillas, peas, avocado

This has been a really great month.  I love the age you are my sweets.  Everyday I can't wait to go and pick you up out of your crib and kiss your big soft cheeks.  Your dad and I will try and be the first one to open your door in the morning, racing each other out of bed and into the hall.  You are just too cute to miss that first moment of opening the door and seeing you standing there so happy.  It's moments like that I realize how wonderful it is to be a parent.  It's truly the simple things in life that make a person so grateful and utterly happy.  I hope I cling to these moments for the rest of my life.  Remembering how full my heart was.  

Quinne you are quite the baby!  Almost every time we head out of the house someone says you look like the Gerber baby.  If "the Gerber baby" isn't around when you read this, know that it is an adorable, fat, cute baby face.  So it's a compliment in my books.  You are funny and always make people smile.  Even old men that want to ignore you can't help themselves from smiling at you.  Grocery shopping has become quite the scene when you are in tow and it really makes my shopping experience a little brighter.  

You are a perfect little person in my eyes.  I love you so dearly that it hurts at times.  I miss you so much when I am away at work and long to hold you all night long.  When you hold on to me I feel so needed and loved.  You have made my life worth living and I will always be thankful for that.  

oh that sweet face


looking for friends

there they are!





those beans look like they belong to a seventy year old British man

crumb searching

You are on your way to being a one year old!  Please don't get there too fast.  This mommmy of yours is having a hard time with you growing up so fast.

I love you my Quinne

your mama

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