Monday, August 6, 2012

the zoo

Today Quinne went to the zoo.  Atascadero has a zoo that is small and quaint, and reminds me so much of being a little girl.  I used to take art classes there and walk around painting whatever animal I so desired.  Being reminded of special memories makes me so happy.  And that I get to share them with Quinne now is really special.  Granted she is only (almost) ten months, and has no real idea about what is happening but it gets me so excited for the fun times to come.  Believe me I have enough excitement for the two of us for now!  

Unfortunately today in Atascadero it was 100 degrees.  Which is hell on earth in my opinion.  And all the animals agreed with me today.  All in all I think we saw nine animals out in the heat.  They were hiding in the near distance, playing dead.  I don't blame them.  I wouldn't want to entertain kids in that kind of heat, not with out a sweet treat involved, and we aren't allowed to feed the animals.  But, all in all it was a fantastic little afternoon.  Spent with good friends and super cute kiddos.  Next time we'll make sure it's October before we return.  

 no tiger in sight

 Penelope being too cute

 Theo was not impressed.  I think the heat was to blame


 hot pink sweaty baby

 spying on some snakes

 Fox loved the turtles

Yay for a good day!  Quinne one day you will truly love this place.  I hope.


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