Wednesday, August 22, 2012

magical creatures

The past few weeks all people around this area seem to be talking about are the whales.  It's all over facebook and instagram.  People posting pictures of these gigantic mouths popping out of the ocean with hundreds of sea gulls diving into the water around them.  These stories were so exciting to hear about.  I had know idea that the hump back whale was migrating south and stopping right outside our backyard.  To eat tasty little fish and cause massive traffic jams all up and down the coast.  Today while I listened to Quinne roll and bounce around in her crib, I realized that nap time wasn't on her agenda for the afternoon.  So when David got home we took a short trip to Avila Beach to see these majestic water beasts.  And of course Quinne fell asleep in the car.  

There were tons of people along the road waiting to get a glimpse, hoping to go home with their own story of the whales. We parked on the side and waited.  Waited right outside our car while Quinney snoozed.  There were ridiculous amounts of seagulls all over.  Some were in the water, some were diving into the water, and what seemed like millions circled above the water.  David would yell out that he saw one and I would desperately search to the spot his finger was pointing to.  But I saw nothing.  This happened so many times I stared to hate the whales.  How dare they not come out long enough for me to see them?!  But then it happened.  And it was pretty cool.  Not life changing but really cool.  I'm sure if we were closer I would've had a religious experience or just been scared out of my mind.   Probably the latter of the two.  

Quinne finally woke up and we walked closer to the ocean and took in all the buzz.  It was a beautiful evening and there were so many people out doing the exact same thing as us.  Admiring nature, taking in all that the ocean has to offer us.  Picture-prefect blues,  slight crisp breeze, the smell of seaweed and wet sand, and of course sea life alive and thriving.  It was another reminder that life is beautiful.  I am very grateful for these small and simple reminders.  

not interested in the great outdoors
this doesn't do the excessive 'bird-ness' justice

I love Quinne here
so many peeps!

I hope you can see the greatness all around you this week..


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