Thursday, March 28, 2013


That's what my mom called/calls the tv.  Growing up I would giggle when she said it in public, then turned red with embarrassment around Jr High, mortified that she said the word boob.  Now that I'm old I still can't bring myself to say it with a serious face or a mocking voice that sounds like my mom.

So, last week we cut out the boob-tube(I can't even write it with out feeling weird) and what a refreshing week we had!  I really didn't realize how often the tv was on until we turned it off completely.  My usual routine would be to wake up, turn on the 'news' aka Good Morning America, and make coffee.  Leave it on through Kelly and Michael but switch the second that was over in fear of seeing Woopie and Elizabeth on the View.  After that I turned on HGTV.  It was all noise.  I never really sat down and watched anything longer than two minutes, I guess I considered it company.  That sounds lame but I truly left it on for the sake of having noise in the house.

Once we turned it off I realized how peaceful the quiet could be.  Imagine that.  What a dummy.  I was able to take a few moments to reflect, figure out what I was going to do with our day, or just be.  I found it really nice and looked forward to soft moments in the day.  We listened to music and danced and had so much fun.  Quinne loves music and dancing, and I was annoyed at myself for not turning the tv off sooner.  I wasted so much time having that damn television on.  Last week really opened my eyes to the importance of engaging Quinne in activities that will shape her into the smarty pants I know she's going to be.  (It's not that we sat in front of the tv all day and became slugs, but having it on isn't beneficial for Q or me.)

I'm happy we played along.  David and I talked more and enjoyed each others company.  I was scared I wouldn't have anything to do once Quinne went to bed and would want to cheat by watching just one episode of The Carrie Diaries (don't judge, it's good!!).  But we made it and are still choosing to not turn it on.  There are some shows that we watch on Hulu but in the morning it's music and playing.  And it was the perfect time to start since Justin Timberlake's new album just came out.  And it's So. Good.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

to the happy couple

Don't you just love when your friends are happy.  I get way too excited and emotional at other peoples happiness!  But seriously, seeing people in love is one of the greatest things to witness.  It's so innocent and just plain happy.  Although there are the occasional love birds that make you want to shout, ' get a room' like you were suddenly back in middle school and making out was just SO embarrassing.  Fortunately for us our friends are the appropriate amount of love, and this past weekend we got to sip some wine, eat fancy cheese and cheers to the happy couple.

Jesse and I have been friends for many years.  We lived together before I got married and I have the fondest memories that will last a lifetime.  Sometimes we take Quinne to the park right by where we lived and nostalgia takes over.  In the best way possible.  I love remembering sitting on the couch together watching E and eating ice cream, something we both would regret, and laughing until I almost peed my pants.  These days I'm sure I would pee them.  I could write a novel filled with memories, and look back on it with the biggest smile on my face.

So to say I'm happy that she's met the guy she'll call husband is an extreme understatement!!  Macain is one of those guys that every girl dreams to find.  The amount of love they share for each other is so refreshing and makes me pull my thoughts to the days when David and I were engaged, having fun and being in love.  I like being reminded of the feelings we shared.  Now a days were discussing how many poops Q took that day, or how tired we are.

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings.  Just being able to be with the person you love is enough in this life.

Lizards were a big part of the day!  There were kids trying to catch them all afternoon, and when Macain showed us how to make a leash for them in order to catch them we all went a little crazy.  He caught that guy in about two seconds and everyone was cheering!  So fun and sort of creepy.  I like them from afar.  Go Macain!  
-no lizards were harmed. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

12/ 52

' a portrait of my husband each week for a year' 

In honor of my last post, I'm going back in time for this weeks portrait.  The dating years...

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Friday, March 22, 2013

take me back

There are very few things I miss about pre-baby life.  I had fun before she came, but I would have to say I don't find myself missing cocktails or evenings in cute heels with my friends.  Some days when I can't remember the last time I washed my hair or if I even brushed my teeth I think, "what the hell has happened?  I need a drink".  But those days are few and far between these days.  I love being Quinnes mom.  I'm so lucky to have such a fun and sassy little girl.  I'll tell you what I miss.  


Being able to leave on a moments notice for the weekend.  Or having a dinner in a restaurant past 5:30.  Leaving on vacation and only having to make sure the doors were all locked.  Tonight I find myself reminiscing past vacations and wanting a day with David on a warm beach, no cares in the world.

I know we will travel again, and it will be wonderful, but until then I am left flipping through photos of a time when being young and in love was all we had.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


bubbles are pretty cool
denim invasion.  I teased him that my mom would be so proud, she's Canadian and love a good Canadian tuxedo! 
A rear moment when the house is clean and she is sitting still.
home.  how magical.
day lights savings does a body good

Monday, March 18, 2013

a quiet home

Most nights I'm in front of the t.v.  I hate that.  There are a million things I want to do, and don't do because of shows.  So I'm joining in on Small Fry Blog and turning off the telly.  I think this is a brilliant idea and I'm really excited.  And in a week I'll document our adventure.  Woo!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

our days

an old desk for a tiny girl
always sitting in her desk

kix on the floor 

moving into a booster.  And she loves it!
I will never grow tired of seeing baby things in the house
trying out a new shoe.  I'm an Asics girl so we'll see

The days have been so warm and carefree.  I have a messy house to prove it!  I can't wait for summer and all the fun it will bring.  I love these days with Quinne.  

11/ 52

"a portrait of my husband every week for a year"

I totally forgot to do this last week.  So it will act as 10 and 11.  David was gone for two weeks, and I was a giant wreck so that's why.

We went to an engagement surprise party today for a dear friend from high school.  The weather was perfect and the bride to be was overwhelmed with happiness.  It was a good day.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The nanny

Do you ever have those moments when you look at youself in the mirror and its hard to see yourself for what and who you are? You catch a glimpse of yourself shopping at forever 21 and think "I shouldnt be shopping with high schoolers". Or when you start a new job, finish college, get married all moments you look at yourself with different eyes.  Do you expect to look different?  I guess not, but these big moments in life change us so much you almost hope you look different.  More confident, happier, professional maybe? 

For me I still look into the mirror at Target(of course) and think it's totally nuts that I'm someones mom.  I have been there baby-less and screamed in my head "You have a BABY!!".  Total weirdo, I know.  But the idea of me being a mom still scares me and is new in a lot of ways.  Each stage of her life brings new challenges and I'm not very good at rolling with it sometimes.  When I look at myself I don't see a wise, patient person.  It hasn't been something I embraced and accepted right away.  I've always loved Quinne, but being a mom hasn't been easy or fun for me at times.  Doing everything for her and making sure she is taken care of and loved never was a question.  I did what I had to do and wanted to do.  But the part where I take care of myself and embrace the new me didn't happen the second she was born.  Some moms feel the switch in an instant, some take longer and that's ok.  I'm still working on merging being a mom and staying myself everyday.

I'm not sure when I'll embody the idea of me being a mom.  Maybe it will be the day we go to the park and I don't feel like Quinnes nanny.  Or when I have more (one) and can offer more wisdom.  Maybe it will be the day when I say I have a kid and the person doesn't respond with a surprised reaction.  Then I'll be freaking out about the fact that I look like a mom.  Ha!  

Monday, March 4, 2013

the beach and my babes

I have moved away once in my life away from the beach.  It was a time when I was young and thought running away would solve all my problems.  Funny thing is they follow you and you're just as miserable.  Only time and a positive attitude can save you from heartache.  So there I was surrounded by mountains and an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia washed over me.  Being by the ocean is so peaceful and makes you feel so small in the best way possible. I love seeing no borders, just open space.  Miles and miles of free and untamed water.  For as long as we get to live here I will always be in awe of its beauty.