Monday, March 25, 2013

to the happy couple

Don't you just love when your friends are happy.  I get way too excited and emotional at other peoples happiness!  But seriously, seeing people in love is one of the greatest things to witness.  It's so innocent and just plain happy.  Although there are the occasional love birds that make you want to shout, ' get a room' like you were suddenly back in middle school and making out was just SO embarrassing.  Fortunately for us our friends are the appropriate amount of love, and this past weekend we got to sip some wine, eat fancy cheese and cheers to the happy couple.

Jesse and I have been friends for many years.  We lived together before I got married and I have the fondest memories that will last a lifetime.  Sometimes we take Quinne to the park right by where we lived and nostalgia takes over.  In the best way possible.  I love remembering sitting on the couch together watching E and eating ice cream, something we both would regret, and laughing until I almost peed my pants.  These days I'm sure I would pee them.  I could write a novel filled with memories, and look back on it with the biggest smile on my face.

So to say I'm happy that she's met the guy she'll call husband is an extreme understatement!!  Macain is one of those guys that every girl dreams to find.  The amount of love they share for each other is so refreshing and makes me pull my thoughts to the days when David and I were engaged, having fun and being in love.  I like being reminded of the feelings we shared.  Now a days were discussing how many poops Q took that day, or how tired we are.

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings.  Just being able to be with the person you love is enough in this life.

Lizards were a big part of the day!  There were kids trying to catch them all afternoon, and when Macain showed us how to make a leash for them in order to catch them we all went a little crazy.  He caught that guy in about two seconds and everyone was cheering!  So fun and sort of creepy.  I like them from afar.  Go Macain!  
-no lizards were harmed. 

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  1. You are too sweet! Thank you for this! Your genuine love and happiness for your friends is always so genuine and I'm so happy to have you to share this excitement with! We love you!