Thursday, March 28, 2013


That's what my mom called/calls the tv.  Growing up I would giggle when she said it in public, then turned red with embarrassment around Jr High, mortified that she said the word boob.  Now that I'm old I still can't bring myself to say it with a serious face or a mocking voice that sounds like my mom.

So, last week we cut out the boob-tube(I can't even write it with out feeling weird) and what a refreshing week we had!  I really didn't realize how often the tv was on until we turned it off completely.  My usual routine would be to wake up, turn on the 'news' aka Good Morning America, and make coffee.  Leave it on through Kelly and Michael but switch the second that was over in fear of seeing Woopie and Elizabeth on the View.  After that I turned on HGTV.  It was all noise.  I never really sat down and watched anything longer than two minutes, I guess I considered it company.  That sounds lame but I truly left it on for the sake of having noise in the house.

Once we turned it off I realized how peaceful the quiet could be.  Imagine that.  What a dummy.  I was able to take a few moments to reflect, figure out what I was going to do with our day, or just be.  I found it really nice and looked forward to soft moments in the day.  We listened to music and danced and had so much fun.  Quinne loves music and dancing, and I was annoyed at myself for not turning the tv off sooner.  I wasted so much time having that damn television on.  Last week really opened my eyes to the importance of engaging Quinne in activities that will shape her into the smarty pants I know she's going to be.  (It's not that we sat in front of the tv all day and became slugs, but having it on isn't beneficial for Q or me.)

I'm happy we played along.  David and I talked more and enjoyed each others company.  I was scared I wouldn't have anything to do once Quinne went to bed and would want to cheat by watching just one episode of The Carrie Diaries (don't judge, it's good!!).  But we made it and are still choosing to not turn it on.  There are some shows that we watch on Hulu but in the morning it's music and playing.  And it was the perfect time to start since Justin Timberlake's new album just came out.  And it's So. Good.  

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