Monday, March 4, 2013

the beach and my babes

I have moved away once in my life away from the beach.  It was a time when I was young and thought running away would solve all my problems.  Funny thing is they follow you and you're just as miserable.  Only time and a positive attitude can save you from heartache.  So there I was surrounded by mountains and an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia washed over me.  Being by the ocean is so peaceful and makes you feel so small in the best way possible. I love seeing no borders, just open space.  Miles and miles of free and untamed water.  For as long as we get to live here I will always be in awe of its beauty.  


  1. just so dang cute! and i love that she still has her chunky little thighs!

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful there! I am dying to take Chloe to the beach! Love these pictures, that bathing suit is so cute!