Wednesday, July 11, 2012

9 month update

How can it be that in three short months you will be a one year old?  It is way too much for me to handle!!  I am enjoying everyday with you and cannot get enough of your kissable cheeks and chubby legs.  Each day I have more and more love for you.  I don't know how I will be able to love you more tomorrow than I do at this moment, but sure enough I will and my heart will be happier than it ever has been.  You are so funny Quinne and constantly make me laugh.  We have a very vocal little lady over here.  You are a growler.  And a yeller.  Sometimes you yell-growl and it truly is the greatest thing.  A funny story I have to tell so that I never forget.

Yesterday we were at the grocery store looking for some fresh salmon.  I was carrying you in my arms and looking at all the fish.  We decided to wait in line and talk to the fish expert behind the counter.  Turns out he was not an expert and sold us fish with the bones still in, yuk!  Anyways, we were in line behind a young boy, about 13 and his mom.  I guess I was pretty close behind the boy because you let out a yell-growl that startled even me.  The poor boy visibly jumped and let out a yell himself.  It was so funny I was barley able to explain to the little guy that you were just really silly and yelled a lot.  David and I were DYING!!  I will never forget that kids face when he turned around and saw you laughing back at him.  And his mom also found it quite funny that this little baby scared her jr. high boy.  Just an example of how cool you are.  Hopefully I will figure out how to upload a video of this noise.

Other than being just silly and adorable you have come so close to crawling.  I get so excited watching you rock on your little knees not knowing where to go from there.  I probably should be scared because once you learn to crawl it's all over.  Traces of you will be all over the house and I'll have to finally put my shoes where they belong.  In the bedroom.  Also, I might get rid of the coffee table.  It seems to be a giant disaster around these parts.  

I pray that I will take in everyday I am given with you.  Not to take for granted these moments.  Not to be wishing for a night of full sleep (don't get me wrong I wish for this everyday).  Because that means you are big and I can't take that yet. Thank you for teaching me things I didn't know I needed to be taught.  

I love you Quinne
Your mama

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  1. She is hilarious!!!! I wish I could have seen that kids face!