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Hello, I'm Noelle.  I am married to my bestfriend David.  We have a little girl and her name is Quinne.  For me writing this blog is a way to document all the moments in our life.  The good, trying and funny moments.  We've been blessed with a life filled with love and to say I'm grateful is a huge understatement.  God has been good to us and we hope to spread love and joy throughout our days.

Being a mom hasn't come easy for me, I'm in love with being a mom don't get me wrong, I'm just finding my patience and gracefulness is smaller than I ever thought it was.  So bear with me, laugh with me and reach out to me if you ever need encouragement.

I've been told I remind people of Kristin Wiggs characters from SNL, (a good thing?) hahah!  And a lot of weird things happen to me on a regular basis.  I love/HATE running, believe that adoption is the greatest act of love, and admire the art of pie making.

mom and pop

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charlie and gracie

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