Friday, October 11, 2013

2 minutes

Two years ago, from this exact moment that I write, Quinne was born into this world.  It was the greatest thing I've ever accomplished and I'm thankful for her each and every day.  There are days when I feel so run down and can't bare another meltdown or hysterical toddler.  And there are days when I am so overwhelmed with love it physically hurts.  Most of the time it's the latter of the two (thank god!)  and I count myself extremely blessed.

Quinne is are amazing.  Seriously, she is the coolest little person I know.  (Of course I am bias, but in all seriousness she is so cool. )  Her sense of humor is hysterical for someone so new to the world of comedy.  Any question you ask the answer will be a simple 'sure'.  And coming from her croaky little voice it's hysterical.  She talks about tooting all the time.  Yelling across the table to MoMo that she tooted.  If you ask her how old she is her response is a silly 'two minutes!'.  It's so funny I die all day long.  If she were a real life version of the Truman Show people would flip.  Obviously, we would be her parents and life wouldn't be in a giant fake moon.  I just really think people would get a kick out of her adorableness.  Ok.  I'll stop now, it's late and I'm ridiculously tired.  

Quinne We Love You!!!!  I hope you know that.  From the deepest most bottom places of out hearts, we love you.

Happy Birthday! 

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