Friday, September 21, 2012

her favorite

Of all the people in Quinnes life she has a very special spot for my sister, her auntie Monique.  She loves her so much and it is one of the cutest things to watch them together.  Normally when she sees someone she makes that funny squished face and huffs through her nose fast, causing a great response from everyone around.  But with her auntie she squeals and waves her arms with such excitement you can't help but squeeze her from pure cuteness.  I'm not sure how she took such a liking to her, but she did and it's the best.  I'm sure my mom is secretly jealous!

It's particularly funny because Monique has never been into babies before Quinne.  She wasn't the type to babysit in high school, where I was practically begging uninterested neighbors if I could babysit for them.  And it wasn't about the money so much as the cool factor of being a 'babysitter'.  Reading way too many Babysitters Club books will do that I suppose.  Gosh I was so lame.  Anyways, Monique was more interested in animals than babies, and a bit of a tomboy.  Now she works with elementary kids, one on one with children with autism while going to school full time.  She is so busy.  We hardly get to see each other during the months of September to June.  It's so sad.  But this summer she babysat for us three days a week and bonded with little Quinney.  Now she tells me that she has Quinne withdraws during the week when she doesn't get to see her niece.  I love it!  Having my sister  close means so much to me.  I love that Quinne knows her and loves her.  I love that she will have a positive person to look up to one day.  And someone she can vent to about how lame and annoying her mom is.

Monique is in every way a cool aunt.  I can't wait to see what adventures they go on in the future and all the fun memories they will make together.  We love you auntie Mona!


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