Monday, July 29, 2013

where has the time gone?!

This summer has been nonstop!  It has been filled with so much fun and playing and my only wish is that it would slow down so I can enjoy every moment.  Also, I'd like it to slow down for the sake of my house not turning into a giant trash can.  Why can't I multitask and keep things in order when life becomes exciting and hectic?!  If you know the answer please let me know!

I've been in Hollywood for a bachlorette weekend, where I realized I can't keep up like I thought I could.  I was hungover from lack of sleep and eating everything in sight rather than from alcohol!  I'm getting old and having a baby changes the party animal inside!  We also went to see Tim Mcgraw in concert and it was the best time ever.  We danced and sang our hearts out and it was so good.  Letting lose is one of the best feelings, especially when it's with your love and good friends.  What else?  Just a lot of fun with Quinne and trying to keep the normalcy of her daily life in the mix of all our fun.

So, I've put up a bunch of pictures of our fun.  And, hopefully I stay on top of things for the rest of the summer!

Happy Monday friends!

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