Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The first of many...

Up until this point I have been a crazy freak of a mom. Seriously it's true. Last February we found out I was pregnant and I had a really rough 8 months to follow. Being pregnant was not a cup of tea for me. I was really sick for the first and last trimester and had The Worst acid reflux you could ever imagine. And the physical part wasn't even as bad as the emotional rollar coaster I was riding(poor David) I was a sobbing, hysterical hot mess. I don't want to say it was hell on earth, but pretty close. All I wanted was to have our baby so I wouldn't be pregnant anymore...

 Little did I know that a newborn is really hard work!! What a dummy. I had pretty bad postpartum the first three months of Quinnes life. She was amazing and perfect. I was so blessed to have a healthy baby but I was still a sad bump on a log. Hormones are a bitch and they really tried to kill me. There were so many nights I would be a ball on the floor crying from being so tired and overwhelmed. Thank God David is a sane, patient person because I was losing it big time. Single moms out there are the most amazing women!! Seriously how do you do it? Amazing.

 Up until now I have been a crazy person. Well I'm always a little nuts. But now I finally feel capable. This is still just the beginning and I have so much more to learn and so much growing to do, but I actually feel like I will survive. Sure Im tired. So very tired. But I know that time flies by too fast and one day I'm going to miss the smell of spit up so I'm going to appreciate everyday we get to have with sweet little Quinney.. I've decided to document our journey. That way our friends and family near and far can follow along. It should be pretty fun!

are you kidding me?? how cute is that face

the best dad 

i want to kiss that face all day

thanks for stopping by! 

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