Saturday, February 25, 2012

I found new apps on my phone that I'm lovin.. picstitch and phonto are my new bestfriends.  I basically feel like I'm a really good photographer using things like Instagram.  I'm not at all, but let's pretend shall we?  

The weather here on the west coast is straight up bipolar. 

On Wednesday it was 84 degrees.  What the WHAT thats nuts!! It's February remember?  So we decided to leave the house chores in the dust(not that different from most days) and head to the local dog beach.  Sounds like a great idea until you pull up and the dogs start losing their you know what, clawing and scratching the windows and wedging themselves between your seat and the door, that you realize this really isn't going to be that much fun.  Trying to control two little freaks on a leash is really hard!  And add in a little babe to the mix, well shoot me now.  It probably wouldn't be that big of a deal but for some reason as soon as we let the pups off their leash they turn into deaf monsters out to ruin every other dogs day.   Charlie(the white one) runs after every big dog that is playing fetch peacefully with their owner.  Im sure that big dog just wants to be left alone, endlessly chasing the nasty ass ball they so dearly love.  But no Charlie chases and gets in the way only annoying the dog and owner.  Meanwhile I'm screaming bloody murder for her to follow us.  People probably shake their heads and make comments about keeping your dog on a leash and whatnot.  It's just too stressful.  I clearly need to take a chill pill.  Needless to say we only lasted about half and hour.  But we were able to get some cute pictures of Quinney in super cute beach day attire! Woohoo!!

Then the weather decided to have a bad day and dropped to 50 degrees two days later.  I have to admit I love the fog and chill.  It makes the guilt(not really) of staying in my leggings and robe all day not so bad.  

at least one of us got dressed!

doing what they do best...begging



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  1. Noelle I love your blog. You're hilarious!