Tuesday, February 21, 2012

four month update

Doctors visits are not my favorite thing.  I love being able to talk to our pediatrician and ask all the questions that every new mom asks.  You know, "when will she start sleeping?" and "how do I get her to take a nap?" Im sure she is laughing in her head at these desperate questions, because we all know that there is no answer!!  I sometimes daydream that she's going to hand me a special potion like we live at Hogwarts or something.  The thing I hate about that office is the dreaded shots.  Seeing Quinne on that bed in just her diaper trying to eat her toes is so sweet, completely oblivious to the fact that a stranger is going to come in and stab her with FOUR needles.. So sad.. I wish is was a strong mom that stood by her and rubbed her little head, but I just can't bare it.  David has to come with me to her appointments and do all the dirty work while I sit in the chair off to the side rocking and humming as if it will block out the screams.  I know that one day David won't be able to come and I'll have to man-up but until then my rocking will do.

growing baby: 16.1 pounds 90th percentile
                          26 inches long 95th percentile

hobbies:  you try to put everything in your mouth
                rocking from side to side (and getting stuck)
                you make the cutest little noises that make us so happy! babbles and
                  sticking your tongue out..oh i just love it
                reaching for your toes and almost holding on
                refusing to sleep and take naps..a sad sad thing
                just being super cute!!

Its February and we can hardly call it winter.  Its been on average 65 degrees.  Not cool for the water reserves and the fact that we're basically in a drought.  But oh well I like it, and so does Quinne..

enjoying a beautiful day at grandma and grandpas

yep, eating everything!

have a great day

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  1. Hey Noelle,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did. I love your design! I'm your newest fan and follower.