Monday, April 1, 2013

an Easter Sunday

We spent the day over at Davids parents house, with family, friends and a lot of food.  Spending the night with the three of us in one room makes for three tired people in the morning.  But the sun was shining and Quinne was ready to take on the day, so we grabbed her hand and let her lead the way.  Not without a tall cup of coffee, of course!  

 the Easter bunny left some fun toys for Quinne.

 a quiet moment

 then back to chasing

 I wish this could've been our Christmas card! hahahha!

 I just love her dress so much

 looking for fish with uncle Jonathan

 my worst nightmare!  of course she would love the trampoline 

 Daddy showing her where he used to chase lizards

a naked egg hunt

I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends! 

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  1. quinne is just a real life doll!