Sunday, August 4, 2013

MId State Fair

Every summer the fair comes to town and I can't help myself but go.  I love the fair, but then I sort of hate the fair.  Being that it's in Paso means between the hours of 11am and 5pm you're going to be miserable from the heat.  And you are going to spend an arm and a leg for things like deep fried oreos and half pound corn dogs (which David got both of and I was mortified).  The carnies are all drunk and totally creepy, yelling at you as you walk by, trying to get you to toss the ring in a bowl with goldfish, who are all wishing they were anywhere but in that bowl.  Or ride the rides that make me wonder it the man operating it was the one who put it together.   But, it's all part of the experience!  And that is why year after year we go and make sweaty, upset stomach memories.

And that is why we took Quinne for her first fair experience.  It would've been magical if the temperature was under the 100 degree mark and I wasn't about to pass out or barf from the beating sun.  I had visions of her riding little baby rides and petting animals.  In my mind sweat wasn't dripping down our backs and Quinne didn't have a beet-red face that people walking by commented on.  It was nuts people!  We hid under canopies and stood in front of misters every chance  we got and prayed for some onshore breeze.

But, with all the craziness it was a good day being together.  We learned that going in the mid day was a bad move and next year we'll be arriving with the sane evening crowd.  It's so fun trying things together as a family and making these memories even when they don't match up to the ones you've created in your head.  Another lesson I am learning in this life.  My struggle with control and expectations is finally easing and I'm able to find joy in disastrous moments. Yay for that!  

Until next year!


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