Monday, August 12, 2013


The weekend was filled with so much fun and friends I'm sad that it has come to an end.  It was packed with activities and hanging out that it flew by so fast.  On Friday I got to meet up with some of the girls from work and enjoy good drinks and ridiculously good tapas.  I love tapas!  You get to sample many flavors and get stuffed off of mac and cheese and calamari, but in small quantities so you don't feel like a total pig.

 Up next was a dinner at our house with some dear friends who just got back from their honeymoon.  I love seeing couples after their wedding and vacation.  It's so fun to hear about the amazing time they had, and David and I get to reminisce about ours.  A win win!  I made a whole chicken from scratch in the dutch oven for the first time.  It was tasty and I'm now going to use a dutch oven whenever possible!  The night ended stuffed and relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine in hand.  Perfect.

Family doughnut date.  Enough said!!

My favorite part was Sunday.  We celebrated summer and friends with a fabulous garden party, and did a little grocery shopping while enjoying the most delicious food.  The only thing missing was daddy.  The weather was good, the company was even better and Quinne ate a whole watermelon to herself. (well, not a whole one but pretty close!)  My dream in life is to have a garden to live off of and chickens and a goat.  I was in heaven at this party and saw my future and how much fun we're going to have.  Thank you Palmers for being such amazing hosts!  

Until next weekend,  hello Monday!



  1. Can I just say that I absolutely love your sweet blog! Like I LOVE it! So glad you guys could come on Sunday! And maybe someday you can teach me your fabulous photography ways while we garden party!

    xoxo, em

  2. This post made me so hungry! haha. I'm interested in that candle!