Wednesday, September 11, 2013

hello out there

It has been so quite here on the blog.  In real life it has been the opposite, hence the stillness.  Between friends weddings, parties, work, husband, an almost two year old(?!!)  and an overall laziness that came with the constant heat waves my motivation has been down in the dumps.  But alas, I'm here to share our life lately! 

This summer has been filled with so much fun.  Having a kid makes you realize how much you love summer and how much you want to be in the sun enjoying every last minute.  I love it so much!  Life doesn't get much better than a long day at the beach with friends and way too many good snacks.

We've witnessed some friends share vows of commitment and a life of happiness together.  Making me tear up and remember our own wedding.  So many good memories and reminders of the special words we shared a few years back.  I'm a sucker for a wedding and I've had my fill of them this summer.

We've watched Quinne turn into this little kid that has many, many opinions!  She is the sassiest, most determined little lady and with all the challenges that come with those qualities, it makes for some really good laughs.  Quinne says and does the funniest and weirdest things.  I could write a book about how silly this girl is!  I have laughed, cried, wanted to down a bottle of wine and gone to bed way too early.  Being a mom is really hard!  It's equally challenging as it is amazing.  Seriously its nuts!!

I'm happy to welome the start of fall.  All I can think about is pumpkin flavored things and leather jackets.  

very into Tangled these days
Favorite food: chips and salsa
pool party!
getting way too big

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