Friday, September 13, 2013

Quinne says

>>At our friends wedding the other day, every time Q saw the bride:

"She naked!!" 

Obviously, this is not true!  She had on a strapless dress and apparently Quinne has never seen bare shoulders before.

>>While standing in line at the grocery store the man in front of us had dark slicked back hair.  Clearly he was going for the gelled look:

"Man! wet hair man!!"  Over and over again.  Poor man.

>>"Quinne big pooped!!  BIG poop"  Pretty much anywhere you don't want your kid yelling 'Big Poop'.  She actually talks about poop all day long.  And I find it completely hilarious.

>>  She calls my dad "Grandpapa"  which KILLS me!!  It's so funny and formal and she called him that all on her own.  If you could see my dad in his slippers and baggy sweatshirts you wouldn't think a fancy name like that would work.  But it totally does.  HAh!!

>> "Sawsaw on it" Translation: 'Salsa on it'  We pretend, or in most cases put salsa on it.  Breakfast.  Lunch.  Dinner.  

>> In the mornings when David goes to get Quinne out of bed

D: Hello
Q: I love you
D: Won't you tell me your name
Q: Qwiin!!

This kid is hilarious and makes everyday worth waking up for.  

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  1. She is hilarious! Whenever I am around her I have a smile on my face!