Wednesday, September 11, 2013

new pages

A change was long overdue around here.  And lucky for me I have a friend who happens to be an incredibly talented graphic designer.  Coming from someone who can barely email without having to ask someone for help (I'm almost serious!!) designing something on the computer with all those letters and symbols and numbers sends me into a panic.  How in the world do you do that!?  I really don't understand, and so I'm completely impressed and thankful for Carly.

I met her years ago and fell in love with her quirky personality.  She is hilarious and so very nice.  It was a time when wearing slips over jeans was cool and going to shows to hear your friends band was the social highlight of the week.  I have many good and funny memories of her and even though we don't call each other after a crappy day or when we fall in front of strangers and everyone looks the other way I will always love her.

Oh and did I forget to mention she is beautiful, has amazing style and lives a dream life with her babelicious man and Frenchie named Danger?  Ya that too.  I'm a total creep on instagram, spying on her and whatnot.  So thank you so so so much my friend for helping me out!!!  You are so talented and I'm lucky to know you.  


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