Wednesday, February 27, 2013

16 months

Holy cow I haven't done an update in way too long.  So much has changed in the last few months and Quinne is growing way too fast.  It sort of breaks my heart.

growing babe
At her last appointment she was 24 pounds and 30 inches long.  Which put her at the low end of the percentage game.  Her whole life she was in the 98 percentile and I was so happy that she was fat and healthy.  When David told me she was not in the lowest I immediately was worried.  She doesn't eat huge amounts of anything and I started to fear I wasn't feeding her enough.  The doctor summed it up to the fact that Quinne is extremely active and therefor burns those calories quickly.  I don't like that but I'll have to be ok with it.  And keep offering her anything and everything that's healthy and will plump her up.  It's weird having her fit into clothes for her age.  Her whole baby life was spent in clothes three months older than her actual age.  But it's nice that she can wear an outfit more than two times now!  On the teeth count I can count nine.  There might be more but I'm not willing to have my fingers bitten off to find out.  

talk talk
You can watch her all day and see how hard she's trying to get words out.  It's the cutest thing to see.  There's a seriousness about her and she points and rambles until she feels she got her point across.  Words like mama and dada are there but she rarely uses them.  Words like No and Stop are her favorite ones.  Friends say this is totally normal, it's just weird to see a tiny girl yell "SSsss opp" at the dogs.  We talk to her about everything, explain what we are doing and where we are going and it has really started to click.  If you say let's go change your diaper she walks right to her room.  Or bath time sends her running to the bathroom.  It's so neat seeing her pick up on all that we repeat day in and day out.  Sometimes the repetition is annoying, but then I remind myself that this is how she'll learn and it makes it all worth it.  


Like I said, I feel as if she doesn't chow down when we offer her food.  Once in a great while she will finish all her dinner and both of us make such a big deal about it!  Clapping, cheering dancing you name it.  Her breakfast lately has been g/f toast with almond butter and sliced banana.  Lunch is usually noodles and some veggie, or leftovers and dinner is whatever we're eating.  I try to give her what we eat.  Not too much catering is going on and I hope this expands her taste buds while also teaches her not to expect something different from us.  Of course, when we eat salmon she gets mac and cheese.  And we both steal from her.  

Everyday Quinne is discovering something new.  It's so fun to watch and also terrifying.  She has gotten quite good at climbing and that makes my stomach hurt.  Before you know it she is sitting on the kitchen table.  It happens so fast, like she's some magician baby or something!  I can never turn my back on her.  Getting chores done these days is basically impossible.  
She is in a destructive mode.  Tearing all books and toys from the shelves.  Making messes is the name of the game.  

Adventures, adventures, adventures!  Q loves to be out exploring and running around.  Days inside turn into fits and boredom.  She loves and needs to be outside.  It makes days together so fun.  When we're not enjoying the sunshine she likes to play with the doggies and destroy the house.  So, we're outside a lot.

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