Friday, February 15, 2013

run your heart out

For most people January first is the kick off to get in shape and cut out almost everything in our diets.  I on the other hand took January and decided to be lazy and eat whatever I wanted.  Like I didn't get enough sugar from the months of October through December.  And going for more than a walk to the park made me want to hide away under the blankets and watch another rerun of Gilmore Girls.  Totally pathetic.  I was so irritable and grumpy and felt pretty crummy about myself.  Exercise is something I value and respect but for one reason or another I couldn't get my feet to push it pass a shuffle.  Sometimes I feel alone in the 'workout department', and find it hard to motivate myself.  David isn't keen on exercise, which would make it easier but I can't rely on someone else to get me moving.

So a couple of weeks ago I forced myself to stop baking just for the sake of pleasing my sweet tooth.  (I have a very serious addiction to sugar.  I swear it's an addiction!  I go crazy around 8 pm, searching the kitchen for anything remotely sweet, only to find nothing because the smart part of me doesn't buy treats.  I hate that person at 8:04 when I've resorted to eat plain greek yogurt with honey.).  I'm trying to eat healthy and fresh and organic.  Whenever I feel like I'm itching for sugar I make a cup of tea, which is in NO way the same but it's mind over matter, and try do busy myself.  I sound like I'm trying to ween myself off of meth.  But seriously I have a problem!!

Along with that I'm working out and it is sooo good!  I'm sure I look pretty sad out there trotting along to Justin Bieber, but each day I feel stronger and go longer.  I have always turned to running and it hasn't disappointed me yet.  I'm grateful to my legs and lungs and feet.  They are brave and kick butt.  I encourage anyone feeling in the dumps to tie those tennies and get moving.  It's hard at first, really hard but I promise it pays off!  I feel strong mentally and physically and for that I'm thankful.


  1. Noelle- I found your blog via a friend of a friend and I'm so glad I did. Love reading it so far. Keep it up.

  2. you go noelle! :)
    and i have been doing the greek yogurt in place of treats at night too..haha but i cheat and get the flavored ones ;) banana creme..or key lime...mmmmm i am going to try the plain and honey, sounds delicious