Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the snow...

you and me both, baby

Our family of three headed up to Bass Lake with our friends to enjoy a weekend away.  It's close (well, sort of) and it was a free cabin, so we couldn't pass up this opportunity.  I imagined the snow from inside a warm house.  I never really thought it through, and was annoyed at myself for thinking it would be a piece of cake.  On our drive up there Quinne threw up three times.  Three!!!  It was so crazy and so sad for her.  The smell mad me gag and of course cry.  I was anxious about driving into the snow and basically everything and anything you could be anxious about.  We left way later than planned, Quinne was sick and not napping, it was pouring outside and I had too much coffee.  All things normal people would let go, but for someone crazy it's not that easy.  We pulled up to the cabin and I freaked out about the amount of snow, no chains for our tires and the hill we would have to walk up to reach our final destination.  I was hysterical and yelling at David about who knows what, then realized she had thrown up again and lost it.  Full blown crying, a real life hot mess train wreck.  Thank goodness for bedtime and a glass of wine!

Day two, all seven of us crammed into our friends van in search for hills to slide down on.  Three car seats and four adults is a lot, and I was in the way back holding back my own barf.  I get nauseous easily and with no air and windy roads it was a disaster waiting to happen.  I ended up squatting on the floor in between the front seats to regroup.  After a long long drive around the lake and then up to the mountains of Yosemite we finally made it to Fish Camp.  What a gross name.  Only to have Quinne throw up all over the place one mile from our destination.  It was bad.  I was crying, again, and it was seriously freezing cold.  The kids were dying to get out of the car, we were all starving and here was Quinne naked and screaming.  Not to mention I was wearing boots that weighed ten pounds each and moved around like an robot from so many layers.  Kill me.  The 'play place' was some weird long closed off road covered in snow.  The wind was blowing frozen pieces of stuff at us and my fingers were burning from being so damn cold.  Q was inconsolable and therefore wouldn't let me put her down.  I think I ate four grapes total.  Amy and I were dying laughing that we drove over an hour only to sit in the freezing cold and eat grapes with babies crying all around us.

Hopefully if we ever do this again we will learn from our mistakes.  Maybe David will take the babe out and I'll stay back pretending to be Martha Stewart, sipping on something hot and spiked.  It was a wild weekend.  But through all the mayhem it really was beautiful up there.  The air is so crisp and clean.  The trees are covered in perfect white snow.  And I was reminded once again how blessed I am to live where we do.  With no snow.

cabin fever

Theo tumbled out

ready to go!

the saddest :(
Parker.  The only one sad to leave

Until next year(?)...

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  1. Oh wow! Sounds crazy! We still haven't braved the snow with these kids. I hate being that cold! Quinne looks adorable all bundled up!