Saturday, March 10, 2012

five month update

I can't believe a month has gone by already!  It's been a really fun month.  Everyday miss Quinne is doing something ridiculously cute, and my heart melts into a pool on the floor.  I'm feeling more and more like myself too, which is a very good thing for everyone.  Her sleeping hasn't gotten any better, and we've had some really hard days lately.  Maybe she's starting to get some teeth?  I know it will get better one day so I'll keep waiting.

growing baby: 17 pounds
                          26 inches long

hobbies: You can almost roll over.  Lots of rocking back and forth still
                You're laughing!!!  Seriously the cutest thing I've ever heard
                Stroller walks are one of your favorite past times
                Your toes have officially made it into your mouth!
                And still being oh so cute

im counting this as sitting up

kill me now

have a wonderful weekend...


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  1. Woah!!!! She is seriously a model. That last picture kills me too!