Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hand-me downs are a moms best friend..

One of the coolest things about having friends with kids are the hand-me downs.  It's like Christmas everytime I get a paper bag filled with tiny clothes.  And on top of that my girlfriends have some really cute clothes!  Lucky little Quinney.  I could go broke buying things for this baby, so one less thing for us to spend money on is probably a good thing.  At least for our bank account anyway.  Today we got a delivery from my friend Michelle who has two little ladies.  So many cute things I was just too excited!  Quinne played in her bouncer thing and I showed her all her new pieces.  I think she liked them too.

babies with acid reflux can't have enough bibs!

baby jeggings?!? yes please.

Besides getting way too excited over baby clothes this week has been pretty mellow.  I went through my closet and dresser to "spring clean".  Now our room is a disaster.  A disaster on top of a pre-existing disaster.  Dang it!  And I've been to the gym twice this week, and it feels really good.  Perfect way to clear your head if you ask me.  I'm still hoping to do a half marathon in April, so we'll see...

a few photos from our week so far...

little squishy

the "cadillac" of bouncers according to my parents

nothing sweeter

take care lovies...


  1. Oh my! Your baby has the cutest rolly pollies. I dont know how thats spelt, but super cute. I love a baby with some cute baby rolls.

  2. Oh my gosh I am so happy you liked the clothes! I wasn't sure if you'd be ok with the bibs so yay! You are so funny Noelle!