Monday, October 1, 2012

a surprise

I got a call from David on my way home from work Saturday, telling me that Quinne was going to be staying the night at my parents and we were going to Santa Barbara for the night.  Can you believe my excitement?!?!!  I was so excited I could hardly help from smiling the whole way home.  A night out in Santa Barbara is one of my favorite things to do.  Before we were married and had a baby we would go down there a lot, spending time eating good food, drinking delicious cocktails and shopping.  What more could you ask for?  And lately I've been feeling a little bummed that we never do anything spontaneous or adventurous.  Of course since having Quinne our lives have changed so much, and for the better, but I do miss the times we could run away for the weekend and not have a care in the world.  To feel that free was lost to me until recently.  I'm beginning to see day by day that it does get easier to have a life of your own with a baby.  Finding a balance from loving them so much you could kiss them to death and wanting to rip your hair out from pure, overwhelming frustration has been really hard for me.  But weekends like these make me feel so light and free and happy.  Laughing until my cheeks hurt felt so good.  Being with David and holding hands felt so good.  I'm extremely grateful this Monday for so many things.  

And while we had the most fun this weekend we both couldn't stop talking about Quinne!  We missed her and couldn't wait to hold her again.  Getting away in small doses does your mind and spirit good.  Thank you David!  I love you.

We met up in Avila and it was the perfect reunion.  A warm night, a happy baby and an extra happy mommy.  What could be better?  

(this was the perfect ending)

Happy Monday friends!



  1. amazing!! i love little adventures like this.


  2. What a sweet surprise! And I bet the weather was perfect too!