Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tiny levis

As I was getting out of the shower I noticed amongst the mess all over the bathroom floor a tiny pair of Levis.  It was as if the baby jeggings and I were having a moment.  They were staring at me in the oddest way.  I had a giant soft spot for those pants that housed the cutest bum I know.  A thousand special moments flooded my mind at once and I was washed over by so much happiness.  I was so happy that they were there on the floor.  So happy that they belong to Quinne.  And so happy that Quinne is my little girl.  I've spent so much time this past year wishing to be in a different place in life, wishing for time to hurry up because it was so hard.  In that moment, looking down at those pants I didn't want to be anywhere but right where I am.  I couldn't imagine my life without her in it.

Maybe it's because she is about to be one, or I'm just the most sentimental weirdo around but these past few weeks have shown me so many things.  I realize that time does not stand still for anyone, and I can wallow in that fact or accept it and enjoy each passing day.  I can't regret or hold on to the what ifs in this life.  All I can do is learn from all the mistakes I made this year ( and there has been many) and do my best to be a loving wife, mom and friend each new day.

So thank you sweet, adorable pants for reminding me just how wonderful and happy my life is.  


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