Thursday, October 11, 2012

happy birthday to you...

Quinne is one today!!  Happy Birthday my sweet little lady.  This is the face we woke up to this morning.  There is nothing better. 

I just want to take a moment to say how much I love you Quinne.  You have changed me in the most amazing way.  I look at life with such happiness and gratitude.  Each day I'm given with you I will be forever grateful for.  You are healthy and happy.  You are wild and so expressive it kills me each and every day.  I'm a little scared of the amount of sass you already possess, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Or I'll have a gin and tonic.

I'm just so excited about the next stages in life.  I can't wait to watch you learn how to talk and become more and more independent.  It has been so much fun watching you grow this last year and I know it's going to keep getting better with each day.  I'm so honored to be your mom.  I'm so happy that you are in my life.  I love you so much it hurts at times.  Please know that through all the rough times and hard lessons I have learned it was all worth it.  I have you to thank for making me look at my life through a different pair of eyes.  Learning to be selfless and caring even when I was too tired or didn't want to.  I am forever changed.  

Thank you for being my baby.  Thank you for turning me into a mom.  

I love you to the moon.


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