Sunday, November 25, 2012

festive feathers

I'm really into gold, and glitter these days.  In the most tasteful kind of way of course.  There is just something magical and eye-catching about the sparkles and shine.  So here is a little how-to.  And please ignore the gross jr. high nail polish I'm sporting.  

Gold dipped feathers

- long white feathers.  Mine are from Michaels and had black tips.
- metalic paint.  Martha Stewart has a great selection.
- glitter.  Also Martha Stewart.  Of course.
- small dish
- small paint brush
- surface to get messy

Step one.  Set up.

Step two.  Start with one side and paint until fully coated. 

Step three.  Sprinkle glitter on freshly painted feather.

Step four.  Let dry completely and do other side.

Step five.  Display your masterpiece!  And it's perfect for Christmas time too!

There you have it.  Easy and cute.  I think, I hope it's not tacky.  You could also string them along with twine or cute string.  Oh the possibilities.  


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  1. Cute!! What a great idea. I'm thinking of having a very bird themed christmas tree this year, and these would look perfect!

    thanks for sharing