Wednesday, November 14, 2012

sick town

Being sick in the past meant cozying up on the couch and watching endless romantic comedies while drinking tea.  It was stinky but it gave you a pass from taking showers and looking like a normal human being.  Being sick with a baby is another story all together.  It is hard and challenging and down right awful!  This past week I got a bug.  And I can tell you exactly who gave it to me.  A client last Thursday sat in my chair with an awful cough and bright red nose.  Right away I thought about putting on a face mask and wondering if that would be professional.  I know getting your hair done is fun and we all look forward to the head massage but when you're sick please, Stay At Home!  I got home a started chugging airborn and emergenC  hoping to beat the germs out of me.  Sadly they won.  Saturday after work I started to feel tired and I knew what was happening.  I was getting sick.

And to tell you the truth I was more scared I was going to give it to Quinne than actually being sick.  The thought of her being sick and not understanding would break my heart.  I laid on the floor wherever she was covered in a blanket and tissues stuffed up my nose.  Pretending to 'play' with her.  My throat hurt so bad I think I consumed about 23 cough drops.  Which in turned made my stomach upset.  It was a sad few days:(  Luckly David was home for part of my illness and could take care of me and a wild little baby.  I got to watch a movie in bed which was amazing!  We don't have a tv in our room so David hooked up our computer and I was able to Netflix the afternoon away.  I missed Quinne so much.  Even though I was right there I was a mom zombie and missed rolling around with her and kissing her to no end.  It is almost impossible to resist kissing  her perfect cheeks!

I am thankful to be better this evening.  Thankful I get to make up for all the missed kisses.  I think it's safe to say Quinne has permanent lip prints on her face!


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