Monday, November 19, 2012

my happy place

There are few things in life that get me as excited as a flea market.   Treasures on top of treasures from different eras and times of the past.  Mixed in with some new modern furniture and art, it is a dream come true.  And the Rose Bowl in Pasadena never disappoints.  Never ever.  The excitement I feel when walking up to the gates could be compared to children entering Disneyland.  My heart races due to a good amount of anxiety and joy mixed together in one glorious sweaty panic.  My mind races and I just can't wait to see what is hiding in the booths before me.  I am a true weirdo.  And lucky for me David loves the hunt just as much.  Well, not quite as much but he does love it and that makes for a fun day.  This time I was just getting sick and so we only made it about three hours in and I was in need of a bed and some strong cough drops.  But we did manage to find some fun stuff.  I would move to LA just for this magical event that happens once a month.  I would.  

Here are some of our finds...

 so many treasures!

relishing in our finds

 $10 for the pair
 shelf for Quinnes room
 my new favorite Christmas decoration!  Wait till the candles are lit!!
 to tote my products around for weddings

the day Quinne wears can't come soon enough 

If you live anywhere near LA and haven't been here you must!  It will change your life.  Until next time sweet Rose Bowl..



  1. How fun! And you guys scored with some super cute stuff! I'm super jealous, I've never been, but have heard all about it :( But if you ever want a road trip partner, count me in :)

  2. Your blog is adorable, glad I found it (newest follower) I'm currently drooling over your layout. Can't wait to keep up with your adventures! xo