Monday, October 29, 2012

birthday weekend

Birthdays are so much fun.  It's a great reason to send the baby to the grandparents and have a dinner out.  And a brunch with lady friends.  I have been spoiled and shown so much love this past weekend.  I am so thankful to all my friends and family.  I love you so much!

delicious treats that I ate too much of

my birthday date

beautiful gifts.  Get your own from elladolce today! 

shirt, shorts, and shoes:UO//necklace:gifted//cluch:goodwill

a gorgeous, sunny and warm brunch

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ode to summer

Indian Summers are one of my favorite things in the whole world.  We get to hold on to the last bit of warm sunshine and pretend that summer is never ending.  We headed to the beach this afternoon to spend some quality time with the ocean, seagulls and the hot heat.  It was a bit too hot in the direct sun so we opted to lounge in the shade of our umbrella, eating apples and people watching.  I love how much this little girl likes to check out all the people around us just as much as I do!  We waded in the waves and dug our feet deep into the sand.  Quinne wanted to go far into the waves and laughed when they crashed into us.  I had so much fun.  Before we got there I was a little anxious about a beach day all by myself and a baby, but I'm so glad I went for it.  There aren't too many thing in life as wonderful as the beach, and we're lucky to live so close.  I am grateful.  

Fall can come anytime now...


the party!

Originally we were not going to have a big first birthday for Quinne.  I didn't want to spend a bunch of money and have an overwhelming day of kids cracked out on sugar and so many new toys I wouldn't be able to fit them anywhere.  But, who am I kidding, I love to throw a party and this was a big deal.  We made it!  The baby days are behind us and new adventures are coming.  It's definitely a reason to celebrate.  But I wanted to stay true to who we are as parents and went for a quaint and fun afternoon.  Filled with friends and family.  And that's just what we did.  

This party never would've happened if it weren't for my mom and sister.  They did so much I can barely take credit for the party!  My sister did a lot of the decorations and helped my vision come to life.  I came home from work late on Saturday and she had strung streamers all throughout the house, along with strings of hearts she sewed!  Amazing!  

entry way 
cake eating headquarters
tiny hearts
decorator extraordinaire

The theme was milk and cookies.  Simple and delicious.  Now that Quinne is one she can have milk, and she really loves it so it was quite perfect.  My mom was amazing and helped so much with all the baking.  I love to bake so it was a fun and really good excuse to make so many yummy treats.  And taste testing is almost the best part!  All the cookies minus the sugar cookies were gluten free.  I have a few friends who don't eat gluten and Monique has syliac so everyone wins at this party!  I love setting up for parties and making the table stand out.  Over the years I've collected tea cups, trays, serving platters, and all things cute for years so the table had a vintage feel.  Which I love.  And instead of presents we asked everyone to look through their gently used toys and books to donate to the womens shelter.  They are always in need of things for the children that stay there, and when they get to leave they send them off with a care package.  So that was really neat to help out our community of women.  

The kids all had so much fun.  Running around like crazy kids and laughing all afternoon.  It's so exciting and fun for them and as adults it's just as much fun watching them be kids.  I really love taking that all in.  But my favorite part of the day was the birthday cake.  Of course.  Isn't that why we have first birthdays?  So the parents can celebrate their accomplishment of not killing each other, and watching a baby it cake.  I made a cake that was big for a baby, too big really.  It was funfetti flavor and had homeaid whipped cream all over it.  Yum!  I imagined what every parents wants to happen, her smashing her hands and face into the cake and causing a gigantic disaster.  That is not what we got.  Quinne was very cautious and picky about the cake in front of her.  She spread it around the tray and knocked over the top layer, only once or twice putting her fingers to her mouth to taste it.  And although it wasn't the picture I was imagining it was still so fun and adorable to watch.  All her kid friends were gathered around her and laughing at the silly things she was doing.  Once I realized she wasn't that into it I gave the kids forks and they dug in!  So much fun!

I'm in love with this cake

not really sure

curious little lady

digging in!

not the mess I was expecting :)


All in all it was a really wonderful, sweet first birthday.  I'm happy we did this party for Quinne.  Even though she won't remember it I hope she looks back on it and smiles.  Knowing I wanted the day to be just so for my little girl.  

Your mama and dada love you very much Quinney Bear.  Happy birthday!


Friday, October 12, 2012

wine and sweets

After a long day of work, we finished the day celebrating Quinne.  It's not everyday you turn one!  I met up with David and my family to enjoy a much deserved glass of pinot and some delicious food.  We raised our glasses to the cutest lady around and ate sweet potato fries till we were stuffed.  My thoughts on a one year old will come soon, but first a cupcake in honor of the birthday girl!

grammy, baby, and mama 

so excited!

happy birthday to you..

it's time for bed
awkward family photo

Yay for birthdays!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

happy birthday to you...

Quinne is one today!!  Happy Birthday my sweet little lady.  This is the face we woke up to this morning.  There is nothing better. 

I just want to take a moment to say how much I love you Quinne.  You have changed me in the most amazing way.  I look at life with such happiness and gratitude.  Each day I'm given with you I will be forever grateful for.  You are healthy and happy.  You are wild and so expressive it kills me each and every day.  I'm a little scared of the amount of sass you already possess, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Or I'll have a gin and tonic.

I'm just so excited about the next stages in life.  I can't wait to watch you learn how to talk and become more and more independent.  It has been so much fun watching you grow this last year and I know it's going to keep getting better with each day.  I'm so honored to be your mom.  I'm so happy that you are in my life.  I love you so much it hurts at times.  Please know that through all the rough times and hard lessons I have learned it was all worth it.  I have you to thank for making me look at my life through a different pair of eyes.  Learning to be selfless and caring even when I was too tired or didn't want to.  I am forever changed.  

Thank you for being my baby.  Thank you for turning me into a mom.  

I love you to the moon.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tiny levis

As I was getting out of the shower I noticed amongst the mess all over the bathroom floor a tiny pair of Levis.  It was as if the baby jeggings and I were having a moment.  They were staring at me in the oddest way.  I had a giant soft spot for those pants that housed the cutest bum I know.  A thousand special moments flooded my mind at once and I was washed over by so much happiness.  I was so happy that they were there on the floor.  So happy that they belong to Quinne.  And so happy that Quinne is my little girl.  I've spent so much time this past year wishing to be in a different place in life, wishing for time to hurry up because it was so hard.  In that moment, looking down at those pants I didn't want to be anywhere but right where I am.  I couldn't imagine my life without her in it.

Maybe it's because she is about to be one, or I'm just the most sentimental weirdo around but these past few weeks have shown me so many things.  I realize that time does not stand still for anyone, and I can wallow in that fact or accept it and enjoy each passing day.  I can't regret or hold on to the what ifs in this life.  All I can do is learn from all the mistakes I made this year ( and there has been many) and do my best to be a loving wife, mom and friend each new day.

So thank you sweet, adorable pants for reminding me just how wonderful and happy my life is.  


Monday, October 8, 2012

a fun sunday

it's so huge!

pumpkin pileup!

people are more interesting than corn

sad dad

the cheesy photo spot

Have a happy Monday out there