Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hello back there

Not quite the weight requirement, but this girl has a bad case of car sickness.  Or maybe it would be called motion sickness?  Either way it is sad and gross.  David experienced it first a few months back on the way to the doctor, perfect timing I guess, and she said it was probably a case of care sickness.  Then a week later it happened to me.  It's odd because she doesn't make any noise.  Not a peep and then you look into that handy "mommy mirror" (side note: one of the many things I said I wasn't going to use or need before having Q, then realizing it has saved my life on more than a hundred cases I love it)  and she is covered in throw up.  And I mean covered!  The first time it happened my sister was with me and saved my life.  We had to strip her down and clean everything on the side of the road.  After that we turned her around to face forward.  She loved it, we loved it and that was that.  Then I turned into a paranoid mom and freaked out that she wasn't the full 30 pounds.  I was a crazy person and scared David one night, who in turn switched it back to rear facing after I went to bed.  Ha!!

I felt better instantly when I opened the car and saw it back to normal.  Then she threw up again, and again and again.  I can't keep up with this.  I know you sacrifice a lot being a parent but this was out of control.  Anytime we drive for more than 25 minutes she gets sick.  I feel sad for her and for myself.  So I turned it around yesterday.  After a call to her Dr. to assure me I'm not risking her life, of course.  She is happy and I feel relieved I won't be washing barf out of the car again.  I hope.  

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  1. Oh my gosh, I would not be able to handle that! That is so sad! I didn't realize they had to be 30 pounds...(ooops!). I'm glad now that she is facing forward it has stopped. If that happened to me, I would be vomiting too! That smell.. ugh!!! Hahahaha.