Sunday, June 23, 2013

25/ 52

"a portrait of my husband, each week, every week in 2013"

He told me a funny story the other night of when he was just out of high school, playing capture the flag with a bunch of his friends during the hot valley summers.  They would play down by the river, camouflaged, carrying BB guns.  He explained the strategic plans of hiding the flags and capturing them.  Of climbing trees and rolling around in the dirt trying desperately to avoid getting shot, escaping the 'out' part of the river bed at all cost.  It was so funny imagining him and all his friends I love so much doing just what boys love to do.  Be crazy, and get dirty.  And I realized how little I know of what boys do and love.  It's such a foreign world to me and if we ever were to have a boy I'll be in over my head.  I'm much more comfortable with manicures and making up dances to Spice Girls than guns and the dreaded car stuff.  But, I still love hearing about David and all the wild things he's done!  

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