Sunday, June 2, 2013

sundays and lemonade

My days filled with warm weather and family are the ones I get up in the morning for.  The ones I can't wait for during the week.  If life could be one big Sunday I think I would be in heaven.
One of the best features of Atascadero, well they're aren't that many, are the hot summers and the perfect warm breeze.  It also makes for the perfect evenings in the whole world.

Down the street from my parents the neighborhood kids were having a lemonade stand.  And let me just say how much I love lemonade stands.  I really really love them!  Driving past a little table with homemade, slightly warm lemonade and eager kids makes me so happy.  I want to purchase a cup from them every time I drive by.  So when we got the chance to walk a bathing suit clad baby down the street for a cup, we didn't waste anytime.  

I hope one day, when Quinne is old enough and wants to make a little cash we live somewhere where she can have a stand of her own.  And I'm going to make the best batch of lemonade for her to sell.

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