Thursday, June 27, 2013

It happened. We were spontaneous

One of the things that I sometimes struggle with is the chance to do whatever we what whenever we want.  I feel guilty admitting that, but I'd be lying if I never thought about how much our schedules rule our lives.  Between David working so much, our schedules not lining up and, oh yeah an almost toddler we are  busy.  Not being bound by our schedule is something I'm slowly learning to let go of.  I have been so wrapped up in Quinnes naps and eating and everything else I forget how much fun we can have by letting go.  I'm never going to fully ditch a schedule, they do have their benefits too!  Yet, it won't kill me to have a little fun.  

On Wednesday spontaneity paid us a visit.  All morning we were dealing with car issues and dragging Quinne around.  No fun for anyone and it was the first day we've all been together in a long time.  And then it hit me.  Let's get out of here and go to the zoo!  Yes, we were going to be adventurous and it was all my idea.  I was so proud of myself for making a fast decision and not putting much thought into it.  For being carefree and spontaneous, two qualities I lack in a major way.  Once we were both on board I tried to talk David out of it( I'm such a freak), but he was set on seeing some gorillas and nothing was going to get in his way.  I'm so happy we made it happen.  Quinne had the best day and so did we.  I'm realizing that I can't control everything around me, and when I try to I usually end up ruining my own day from too high of expectations.

I'm so grateful for new days and new opportunities.  Remembering how much fun you can have at the drop of a hat was something I needed.  Something I didn't even know I was missing.  

all a girl needs: iced coffee and a map

this makes me laugh every time! 

feeding the giraffe was pretty cool.  And a little unnerving 
Q had her tongue out the whole time

my mini David

And that was our adventure!  

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  1. These pictures are amazing!! Quinne looks like she had the time of her life. The giraffe, cardboard slide and monkey family tree!!! I'm so happy you guys got to do this together. Love you!