Wednesday, May 30, 2012

pearly whites

If it weren't for teething I would have to say that life is perfect right now.  I know that's quite a statement but we have been through a lot in the last seven months so I think I'm allowed a little bragging rights.  It'll probably come around and bite me in the arse, but I'll deal with that later...
Teething is the worst!  It's so sad and miserable for Quinne I feel awful for her.  How do you tell your almost eight month old that everyone goes through this and you will survive?  I'm having a hard time getting through to her, but hopefully these little whites will break soon.  I'm having a hard time telling if they are really almost there.  Her gums always have a hint of white to them and in my mind baby gums always seem to be swollen.  She is chewing on everything, as you can see, and I'm taking that as an indicator that somethings happening under those gums.  I just want her to feel better.
In case you are going through this or will be soon I found that these work really well.  Quinne loves to munch on ice that I have broken up for her and frozen fruit.  Mangos especially!  But I'm warning you that bananas make a super big mess and turn the mesh into a hideous black disaster.  You've been warned.    

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