Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy May

Lately we have been looking at our diets and tweaking some things to make us healthier and happier.  I have to say that we eat pretty good on a regular basis, but recently I have been bad.  I mean really really BAD.  Taking every chance to eat chocolate, so much chocolate!  And, since I'm breastfeeding I'm always hungry.  I didn't know that happened, but it's true breastfeeding leaves you hungry.  I have taken full advantage of this 'diet'.  I can eat pretty much whatever and stay the same weight.  But, if I'm pigging out on baked goods and granola bars what good is that to Quinne?  She is getting all the crap that I am putting in my mouth all day long.  So it's time to revamp what I eat.  Adding more and more veggies into my daily routine and cutting out the excessive amount of carbs.  I want to feel good and it starts with my diet.  I have always believed this and try hard to be heart healthy, I've just fallen into a lazy hole these past few months.  Yep, months. 

 David and I have really enjoyed making smoothies and juices these past few weeks.  They're delicious and so good for you.  I've even made my own coconut milk.  I'm excited to be more mindful about what we are eating.  It feels good making a positive change in life.  And one day I get to share what I know with Quinne.  That's really exciting!

Here are some of my favorites we've made.  Oh and we're watching the Biggest Loser Finale right now, how appropriate. 

Good Morning Smoothie
1/2cup water
1cup green grapes
1/4cup cucumber, peeled, diced
1/2 kiwi, peeled
1/2apple, seeded
3/4cup chopped broccoli
squeeze of lemon
1/2cup ice cubes
Peach Party
 cup of water or pineapple juice 
peach, halved, pitted(or handful of frozen)
2 dates or 1tbs. of honey
cup of ice cubes
Sailor Man Smoothie
1/2 cup grapes
1/4 c soy yogurt(well any plain yogurt I guess)
1cup fresh spinach
1/2 banana
1/2 apple
1/3 cup pineapple
1cup ice cubes
I was too excited and dropped my glass.  Sad.
Berry Delicious Smoothie
1cup pineapple
1/4cup plain yogurt
1 banana
1cup strawberries
1/4cup blueberries
1/4cup cranberries, fresh or frozen
1/2cup ice cubes 
That was a weird one to open

yes, this I agree with.

I hope you get to try some of these drinks.  They really are wonderful and so good for your tummy and mood!  

Love, Noelle


  1. Do you guys have a juicer? I'm obsessed! And I am interested in learning more about the coconut milk!!!!

  2. Erin we have a Vitamix and it rules!! Seriously worth every penny.

  3. i want to be more healthy like you! i need to make smoothies everyday, my kids love them! maybe then i'll be skinny like you ;)