Sunday, April 29, 2012

weekend memories

This weekend feels like a big blur.  We had a lot going on and I feel pooped from it all.  Not to mention Quinne is teething up a storm and has a slight cold.  So sad.  I feel like my day is ten times longer when she is not feeling well.  And I have to tell myself to be patient and loving the whole time.  I hate how quick I become frustrated these days.  I'm happy that teething and colds don't last forever!  

From a baby shower to a birthday celebration and everything in between I'm happy to sit back and eat some popcorn tonight.  

Yummiest popcorn:
     1/2 cup popcorn
     3 tbs coconut oil
     melt oil in large covered pan with 5 kernels.  Once they start poppin add the rest and shake pan until the popping 
     stops.  Sprinkle a bit of salt if you like.  It's the best popcorn with a tiny hint of coconut.  Enjoy!

serious biting 

aLike app.  I mean really? Moby?!?

grinding gums

a reminder of true beauty

watching some wild dogs play
more chewing.  she's so cute

my friends. yay!

Love, Noelle


  1. Ahhhh I LOVE COCONUT!! I am making that popcorn!!

  2. that was a goooood weekend! quinne is so cute and she is growing up too fast! i love u guys so much!!!