Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend memories

Warm sunny weather makes a weekend one million times better.  People seem cheerier.  You want to be outside enjoying each minute we have with the sun.  I am one of those people that will completely ignore house work for a good day playing.  We had a heat wave this past weekend and everyone(myself included) ditched the jeans and sweaters for dresses and tanks.  Although I'm realizing I should spend some alone time in the backyard to work on my tan.  Oh the things you stop caring about after you have a little one!  
My wonderful dad turned 60 this past week.  That's pretty crazy.  He said he can't believe he is 60.  It happened too fast.  He's not sad about it, just in awe of how time really does 'fly by'.  We headed up to their house to have a little Mexican Fiesta.  It was really nice to be there.  Eating tasty food, and enjoying the company of family.  It's just the best combination.  I took some pictures, but they really are pretty dumb.  None of the birthday boy or Quinne.  But I did get some of their tortoises(yep my parents have 5 desert tortoises)  and Sangria.  Delicious Sangria.  

A little bath time baby after a fun day

they partied hard

Happy Monday out there!

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  1. also those turtles?!?! so cool!!